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is anyone else sick in the morning? DEFINITELY not pregnant! lol

ive had fm for around 4 years and have found that as time goes on i seem to be waking more and more often at around 6am drenched in sweat and feeling really sick, in the end i usually vomit but this can go on until late afternoon. not good when you have a 4yr old and a 5yr old who both have ADHD. ive mentioned this to the dr several times and at first they thought it was because i take my first lot of tablets on an empty stomach. if i try to eat, im sick anyway so its really between a rock and a hard place. lately i went to see the rheumy and they said it wasnt part of fibro and if it carried on i would need a camera into my stomach. altho i no that i need to find out whats causing it im absolutely TERRIFIED of having this done. im crying now, just thinking about it and they havent even referred me! does this happen to anyone else? and what do they do? (not the camera bit lol, i mean the sickness)

love chilli xxx

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Try not to worry too much if you need the camera, it's unpleasant but not painful and they will either sedate you or numb your throat so you feel nothing . I opted for the sedation and it was over really quickly and I barely remembered what they'd done. My dad had his throat numbed and said he didn't feel a thing .

If I'm going for a test I think ( or know ) will be unpleasant I promise myself a treat afterwards and during the procedure I try a little self hypnosis and picture myself as being somewhere else, such as by a river or on a beach listening to the sounds of the waves.It takes a bit of practice but it's a well known relaxation technique ( sorry, can't recall what it's called, damned fibro fog ) .

I had a barium enema last year and used this to relax myself and it felt like it was over in no time even though it took 30 minutes in reality .

I have all kinds of stomach problems , including nausea in the mornings ( mornings are my worst time ) and dizziness when I first get out of bed. Have you been prescribed anything to help ? I have lansoprazole to take first thing which reduces the acid content , I then wait an hour ( still in bed if possible ) before eating or drinking anything and that seems to help. Another trick, although you should check with your GP first to make sure it doesn't interact with your other meds , is to take a small amount of milk of magnesia ( half a teaspoon ) , 30 minutes or so before taking any meds as it coats the stomach . I have to do this when taking certain anti biotics as they " burn " my stomach lining , but please , please ask your doc first before trying it, I was told to do this by my GP but everyone is different.




thankyou so much Helen. you have put my mind at rest.

the dr prescribed omeprazole for me quite a while ago but it didnt really help. im there on 19th so will ask her again. i usually take some andrews as soon as i can when im feeling like that and it does help but i have to balance it as if i take it more than a couple of times in a day, i get digestive probs. i think im scared about the camera as my mum has had it several times and altho she was sedated, last time she pulled the camera out and was so upset by it the dr said that she has PTSD! she is one hell of a strong lady who has so much wrong with her i really dont no how she copes from day to day. to list just a few, she has fm, me, copd, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, reynauds, diverticulitis and needs a knee replacement. and she had 2 heart attacks and heart surgery in november. i have just started on amytriptiline and its given me a weird way of thinking and im anxious alot so im probably just focussing on something that might never happen. anyway, ill try not to worry about it.

also they are changing my meds, taking me off pregabalin and putting me on duloxetine and im worried about that as the few times ive run out ive had withdrawals altho that could be the tramadol

god! reading this back ive got myself into a bit of a tizzy havent i?

gona go do some deep breathing lol

gentle hugs to you

chilli xxx


forgot to add, my boyfriend had a problem with excess acid and used to drink flat coke to make himself sick. even the thought makes me want to hurl lol

chilli xxx


Have a look round for some relaxation tapes chilli or ask if you can be referred to a psychologist or counsellor . There are ways of learning relaxation techniques that can really help with anxiety problems.

I'm very much like you and get really nervous and uptight before I have anything done and then nine times out of ten it turns out to be nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be ( I'm also terrible for looking things up online and scaring my self silly with horror stories .. DON'T do that would be my advice ! ).

I now try to look at it as something that will take a very short amount of time, and try to imagine the feeling of relief I'll feel when it's over , and promise myself a little treat .. even if it's only something really silly... for afterwards.

I guess your GP is changing your meds to see if that has an effect on you feeling sick ? If you're worried about that , go back and talk to them. Or ask for a phone consult.

I had Omeprazole before and it didn't help me, although I know it does for lots of people , so they switched me to Lansaprozole and that's been better for me.

Not sure about the flat coke thing, coke makes me gag ! LOL . I hate being sick anyway and fight it if I can , but if it helps your boyfriend that's good ! My son also makes himself sick when he has excess acid as it reckons it's better to get it over with , personally I'd rather swallow a bottle of Gaviscon first ( not literally ! ).



lol i no exactly what you mean. he must love me tho. he sees me being sick, crying like a baby and snotty to boot! i cant make myself sick either.

ill definitely look around for some relaxation cds. i used to use a free site to help me sleep so ill see if its still there and if it is ill post a link so other people can use it.

ill take your advice and ask the dr to clarify why they are changing my meds and ask if they can give me lansaprozole and see if that will help. will keep you posted. i also have to go back and have my bloods done again as i had a high ANA (forgotten what it stands for but i no it can be due to infection. flippin fibrofog!) so will do that too.

thanks again Helen, its people such as yourself and diddle that really help us. i no that you all do but cant name you all!!

big hugs to everyone, especially those of us having a worse day than usual.

i was reading on here about somebody losing their friends (am i a liar post) nobody will ever have no friends on here and thats what makes this site so fantastic. everyone understands you no matter how small the issues. its an awful illness but knowing that you can come on here and chat with people who understand just where you are coming from is worth so much more than the people who cant, or wont understand. fm takes so much from you BUT it also gives something back and thats a circle of friends who will always be there for you. ive always been very low on self confidence and never felt good enough (another issue, but it doesnt matter) but on here i feel valued and that to me eases the mental pain if not the physical

so, to all of us on here, YOU ARE THE MOST FANTASTIC GROUP OF PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET AND I SALUTE YOU ALL!! ( shouting so i can be heard at the back lol)

massive but very gentle hugs and a huge thankyou

love chilli xxx


thankyou Lynn.

my gp is fantastic so ill definitely have a chat with her about it. sorry, gotta go as ive got 2 loony tune boys to see to but ill be back on soon

chilli xxx


hi i have had those symptons on occasion and i actually did likenit to morningg sickness that is how i felt and like you i knew there was no way i was preganat as i was sterilised 19 years ago but i know that it can go wrong lol but yes i have had like morning sickness and been sick it is really weird isnt it i hope that you get on ok love to you diddle x


I get this too and was told that it was the COME DOWN from the meds if I am a little late in taking the next lot, or if I have low blood sugar cos I didn't eat. Of course it is then even harder to keep meds down cos bloody sugar levels are making me hurl anyway....

Hope this helps fill in a few thought process gaps

Gentle hugs (and a pretty bucket!) winging it's way over to you

Spirit x x x


I had the camera bit done years ago and it was found I have a hiatus hernia. I didnt find it a bad experiance at all. They gave me 2 shots of vallium into my hand and I was away with the faries !!The best thing for sickness is ginger. If you are like me and dont like the taste its best to get it in a drink and down it like a medicine..xxxx


Hi Chilli50 I used to be sick every morning like you. To stop this I started taking my lansoprazole at night just before I go to bed - which horrified my Dr but he said that if it works for me then I should continue to take it at that time. I also have a cup of caffeine free fennel tea [but I suppose any warm, milk free drink will do] as soon as I get up and before I take any medication. This helps calm my stomach down and get rid of the phlegm like substance I was vomiting when I got up. I do not have any cold liquids until at least half an hour after I've had my fennel tea. I then take my medication with cold water. I am not saying that it will work for you but it definitely works for me. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself - experimenting with the times you take your medication to see if it will help solve another problem.Drs know which medication to prescribe for a condition but they only know how people react generally to that medicine. As every person is different you might be like me and benefit from taking lansoprazole at bedtime rather than in the morning. Hope this helps. Shell x


I am the same way and I have already been thru the "Change". I turns out that it is my adrenal glands that cause the profuse sweating. I also have cysts in my kidneys that I have been in severe, stabbing pain in my lower back, which then radiates to left side, and for the past several weeks I now have pain in the abdomen as well.

I know that you're trying to deal with the pain getting worse everyday. It has now been 8 months that I have been complaing about the pain to my Primary Physician.He finally sent me for an abdominal ultrasound and then CT scan with contrast. And low and behold, have 2 cysts left kidney and 1 cyst right kidney. And then he has the nerve to tell me that he already knew about them since 2013. Only at that time I didn't have pain like I am having now. So basically I have 4 herniated discs, 2 cervical and 2 lumbar plus RSD, Meniere's disease, Trigeminal Neuralgia and right trapped ulnar nerve, adrenal gland insuffciency, IBS, Deuodenal Ulcers, Hiatal Hernia, and COPD. And this only part of which I suffer 24/7. I just turned 61 in Sept. and I really thought I would spend the latter half of my life travelling with my husband and playing with my grandchildren. All the grandchildren see is me in bed most of the time. I can't drive the car anymore. It is very depressing and frustrating. And I am really getting tired of hearing that I am a Medical Mystery. As far as pain there isn't anything out there for me that I haven't tried.

The 2nd pain management - it is a joke. This last doctor had me on 72 pills a day and in Aug. 2013 I nearly died. I was unconcious on the floor for 15 hours before my husband found me. When the ambulance got me to the ER, the doctors told my husband that I was about 15 min. away from a slab in the morgue.

So, as far as pain goes, there is no relief.```````I will never go back to pain management again. There isn't enough money in the world to bribe me to go back to PM. But back to you----Has your doctor ordered an MRI or CT scan? I would think after you wrote that maybe she has a herniated disc. I am not a doctor, only a retired nurse. The info I give you in this reply is based soley on my personnel feelings, fears, and sometimes a few dreams. A DAY WITHOUT PAIN.

Good luck, and talk again soon.

Bear Hugs from the spiritbear


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