a funny for the ladies ,fibro fog moment :)

a funny for the ladies ,fibro fog moment :)

i bought some of those new panty liners ,the ones that you arnt supposed to feel ,

well i tried them yesterday ,so i took the paper off threw out it in the bin ,

then tried to put the liner on ones knickers ,well how rubbish i thought ,

well they dont even stick ,stupid things !

yes youve guessed it ,i put the liner in the bin and was trying to put the paper on !

i dont know what anyone would have thought listening to me laughing all alone locked in the loo ,

fibro fog moment i think lol :)

hope you like the pic my very good friend kel put it on facebook for me ,cause im always saying this lol

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  • PMSL, hope I've put mine in right WOOPS!! :)

  • I rarely use tampax but the last time I did all I did was I complain how painful they were, Id only had put the applicater in as well

  • lol lally ,thats even better than me :) xx

  • omg ive done that myself i had to go to hospital as it got stuck to far inside me

  • omg that is so funny

  • sometime in our lives we all done some silly things....its good that we can laugh and brighten up the day....:)

  • Haha lynz, you made em laugh. You really are losing it hun. That pic sums you up nicely lol

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • That's great - and I thought I was bad for not being able to figure out the back from the front. Never admitted that before. Probably shows you on the box but that means putting specks on which is on speck too far if you know what I mean!

    Thankfully you and the rest of the us can laugh at ourselves! ;-)

    Whippet x

  • A joke

    Hey I put my laundry in the fridge, sometimes I think I'm retarded.

    Oh I do that all the time.

    Put laundry in the fridge ?

    No think your retarded...

  • hahaha love it xxx

  • glad it made everyone smile , :)

    i think we have to have a laugh at our fibro fog dont we or we would go mad lol

    hugs xxxx

  • lol thayt is sooo funny lynz you make me laugh lol which is all good forus to laugh love diddle xxx

  • Brilliant you made me chuckle Thanks x Gins

  • Could be worse.....i, like you, could not fathom out why it was so useless at sticking to my knickers.....but since had just spent money on them thought I would just give it a go......perhaps they would just stay in place........pulled knickers up & after a couple of minutes realised something was very not right........i had only put the damn thing upside down.......was an interesting few minutes of being in a fit of giggles & trying to remove said pad with the least pain possible.....turns out they are rather sticky on the 'right' side after all :) xx

  • ooouuucccchhhhh lol god its painful enough just getting a couple stuck if you know what i meen lol

  • Oh dear that is funny.just so you know that you are not as daft as you think,my 12 year old daughter put hers in upside down the other day and nearly gave herself a brazilian.no she doesnt have fibro!bless you.x

  • oh dear lol bless her xx

  • kay guys

    here it is my younger carers were all on about a bikini wax... hmmm thought the 60 yrear old woman (me) that sounds very hugenic. why are they paying so much for it when you can buy waxing strips in the shop. being easily embarassed i never asked for help. lay back on the bed heaved my not so small tum out of the way and began to layer all the strips all over my tender bit.... (no where does it say do each strip individually of if it does the print is too small for me) but i degress then grabbing the first strip i squeezed my eyes shut and jerked it off. wow cha no pain hell i am good what does everyone complain about. last strip pulled off i got off the bed to go and have a shower...... ooooooer sticky icky all the way there. . to my amazement and horror all the wax was still firmly and stickily stuck to to bikini line. ( i can hear even the guys laughing here.) well no problem it will wash off with hot water..... i mean hot water hot heat on wax no problem. small problem wax went hard very hard. i spent the next half hour yanking hand fulls of wax and delicate hair out by the roots. ow ow ow ouch. when my young carer came in with her six year child he said were you crying oh dear can i help

    I THINK NOT lol

    i can see you all sitting there having laughed so much that you have no sound left and have resorted to clapping your hands snorting like demented seals....petal

  • oh my goodness it made me cross my legs just imagining it ,

    but yes iam laughing just like you said ,oh bless you lots of hugs xxxx

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