naughty slugs and snails

morning fibro buddies,

for a few springs and summers ive been having a battle stopping slugs and snails from gobbling up my young sunflowers and marigolds! :( I try to grow them as they were 2 of my late twins favourites and so would remind us all of her when we go into the garden.

I think we have a army of snails! when I feed honey the ginnie every morning I am dodging the little beasties! lol. any ideas of how to keep them away form my flowers would be great please, ive tried crushed egg shells and rings of salt but to no avail.

it will have to be pet friendly as ive 2 very nosey dogs! :)

thankyou x

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  • Heard about wool pellets on Gardeners Question Time where they suggested adding them into the mulch.

    Apparently the wee beasties do not like travelling across wool, this is only heresay I have no experience of using the pellets.

  • I have jars of Cornmeal lying on their sides, the slugs love it. but eating it kills them.

    Poor slugs, I dont think.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Where do you get cornmeal from ? I am new to gardening but now I am home perminnately I am learning to love my garden , but the slugs love my hostesses and like you I have to boisterous nosey dogs who get into everything :) just discovered garden program with month dom and it's brill ,used to watch something with Percy thrower with grandad as child used to love pottering in garden but life took over discovering myself again these illness do have some positives. X:)

  • Ooops. Not only has it been a good winter for pests, the gastropod type love Hostas. A 5* slug hotel. I agree with beer traps. The birds can safely eat them afterwards :)

  • There is a new product on the market which is completely pet, animal and bird friendly. It has been vetted thoroughly by the RHS and RSPB........ Do pm me if you would like more info, I won't give the link here, sorry.

    Foggy x

  • Whoops sorry can't edit it seems, it's not the RSPB which I thought it was, it is however recommended as I said by the RHS, Organic gardening, and Which.

    Sorry for inaccurate info, as I said please pm me if you like :-)

    Foggy x

  • Ok will dom

  • Hi in the past we have sunk jam jars or old glasses in to the earth and fill it half full of beer they love it and then go into the jar cant get back out and die from being too drunk i suppose it could be worse but this works def

  • Hi, have heard of people leaving a saucer of beer out, apparently they crawl in, dont know if they then to drunk to move or dead!


  • Yes it does work, but I've got containers where there isn't really room, but I live about 100yds from our village pub so there are always "slops" if I want to put beer traps in my border.

    I suppose there could be a far worse way of demising :d

    Foggy x

  • With a smile on their face !


  • Does a worse way include me on my evening stroll around the garden sprinkling the getways with salt. :D

  • thankyou all im going to try the jar with beer idea, ive a few empty jars in my recycling bin! lol. hugs to you all x

  • I put salt down where buster likes to eat his food outside-attracts slugs.copper is also a prevention.

  • Hi caninecrazy

    We have been plagued with slugs and snails this year. My brother collects the slugs up for when he goes fishing! So it helps me out no end!

    Hope that you can get the problem sorted?

    Take care

    Ken x

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