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back after holiday (who the hell named them holidays lol)

a week in butlins with me and my 2 kids, one has behavioural problems other has joint problems.

i done my best to give them good hols, think i almost managed it lol, but now have nasty flare, more pain than i can handle, and fatigue so bad its actually stopping me sleeping (sounds strange but the more exhausted i become the less i can sleep. someone up there doesnt like me haha).

didnt help on way home a battle with BIG lorry whose driver had road rage, really scary!!

really struggled with long drive due to leg pain, had to be right leg as drive automatic!!! and have to go to west suffolk hospital thursday (hour and twenty mins away) see spine specialist!!

actually glad holiday is only once a year!!

home sweet home xxxxxxxx

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your children when they are older will look back and think what a wonderful mum you were and are.

but i am telling you that now rest up petal.


thanku fadedblossom, my one wish in life has always been, when my children are grown up, they look back and think they had a good childhood, that they didnt miss out too much being part of a single parent family xx


yes they will ,you should be proud of yourself hun ,you have done a great job ,and driving all that way ,i know i couldnt ,give yourself a pat on the back

hugs xxxx


ta hun, the drive back was way the worst, prob due to the exhaustion of the week lol xx


Well done Hun.

I hope you got some enjoyment out of it as well.

But yes its very hard on your poor body and mind so please try to rest as much as possible now ok.

You did really well and should feel proud of yourself.

kia xx


i love seeing my kids happy so was well worth it!

ive caught up with the 4 loads washing lol but putting the clean clothes away is just going to have to wait!!

hugs xxx


I used to think the sam HOLIDAY!

My son is ADHD and my daughter sting minded we used to go camping all I could afford.

But the after affect on me was awful, they are grown up bow but we remember the fin times.

I did not know I had fibro then so had very mixed feelings about the state I was in :-(

I am with my daughter now sorting her uni house I am dead but have to do some more next week will be a right off and last night I could hardly climb the stairs :-(

Have a kinder week on yourself

Soft hugs



thanks hun xx


well you did it good on you - Holidays are not for the faint hearted lol. Everyone I had stresses me out to the limit mental & physically but I do it for my son. Mind you the last time I took him away he told me he'd rather have not bothered & stayed at home grrr !! xxx a holiday for me would be someone cleaning my house from top to bottom, doing all the washing & ironing , making me lovely meals! zzzzzzzz oh must of drifted into dream land !!! xxxxx dottiedog


would of been nice to have someone have the kids for a day so i could of used the spa etc but o well! xxxxx


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