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hi abody u are all brill .i was working as a carer in 2000 whn aftr 1yr of bac n 4th 2 doc i wz diagnosed wi fibro.b4 tht i was very sporty eg kickboxing horseriding etc.i couldnt accept th illness n refused to 4 a while.iv only knew of one person who has this .i stll feel alone but no more wi u guyz.ive gt 3 kids ang23 martin22 vickianne20 n a dog cozmo.i have had a stroke when i was 38 im 45 now.i have fibro.severe sciatica.anemia.spastic colon ibs.scalp psorisis.i faint at times.fybrocystic disease.iv bn in hosp 4 severe bowel blokages.and a mental health hosp 4 severe depression n ocd.thyr is prob more lol but cant remember.im a happy person nevr get angry or complain 2 those round me .my kids understand but no one else does .im waiting on tests at th mo as some of my bones have changed ive gt nodules on my fingers .im often up all nite as uz prob are or im sleeping th most ive slept is 18hrs solid lol.i push myself but thats a bad move .i use 2 walking stiks at times 1 and i cant walk long distances iv a wheelchair .ive developed ways of doing things on good days xx

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  • Hi jaccoz,

    bless, this really is a great site, we're all in the same boat to one degree or another so we all know how each other is feeling, a great comfort when we sometimes don'y know what the hell is going on with our bodies.

    Know what you mean re developing ways of doing things..path of least resistance is my line of thinking.

    i didn't know anyone and still don't who has this, would be great to talk face to face with someone local who has fibro.

    thoughts and hugs

    Jan xx

  • Hi Jan

    Take a look at the members list and see who lives close. Maybe they would love to meet up too.

    I have met so many in a support group I helped set up in 2005. What amazing people we are. It really has to be said.

    The ways we adapt is great for sharing.

    I'll blog my ways with suede in a mo :)

  • Hi Fiona,

    thanks will check the lis...or plough my way through it , you never know what will turn up. I really did not realise there were sooo many members.

    Yes we all cope as best we can in any way we can...we certainly are an adaptable lot

    thanks and take care

    Jan xx

  • thanku i will have a look and see xx

  • Hi Jan, have you thought about seeing if there's a local support group in your area. That way you can chat face to face with people who understand, friendships can be made and it's a social activity too. :)

    Take a look at this link from our main site and see if there's a support group near you -


  • Hi Libby

    thanks so much, the nearest one looks like Lincoln not far,,,but too far on public transport,

    Will have a poke about and see what's, be about really great to find somewhere local.

    take care

    Jan xx

  • ahh its made me so happy joining this .its great to get things out xxxx

  • Hello Jaccoz, I am so pleased you have joined our forum and that you don't feel alone any more. We are all in the same situation here, we all understand. When it seems that no-one out in the big wide World believes how we feel, we can at least come in here and know that everyone believes us and understands.

    It sounds like you've been through an awful lot, but that you're doing well adapting your life to having Fibromyalgia etc. Fibro certainly changes our lives in ways we wouldn't have believed before.

    You are blessed that your children understand. When our nearest and dearest understand how we feel and how we are affected, that's half the battle won. Take care. :)

  • hi thr yes im lucky with my kids defo.im feeling very supported on here xxxxx

  • Wow. In all your trials from now, just remember you have a whole family of caring, understanding and supportive friends now.

    I have been very lucky after living in a bedroom of a three story house for the past 2 years. I now have an adapted flat and an electric wheelchair, makes life so much easier. I do wish we were told what is available to us by our doctors and other healthcare/social services instead of struggling when we do not need to suffer.

    Best Wishes. Fi x

  • do u like ur electric wheelchair fiona ? .yes i say that as well i was never told either what was avb xx

  • I love it. At last I get to go out and just breath without waiting for someone to take me and not want to spend the time. I feel so much healthier. Go shopping on my own as well :)

    And joining here just as I moved home had been the icing on my cake. xx

  • thats great stuff fiona im happy 4 u yipeee xx

  • Morning i think your amazing person.and loved reading yout blog.keep it 7up.you have so much to give.x

  • aww thanku so much xx

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