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My daughter called me on sundayas all her friends were raving about a book there are 3 in the series and people are going crazy for them so i downloaded it on my kindle it is a bit shall we say rude in alot of it but the story is really good and it does get you hooked my sister took it on holiday and read it and i took it over to my daughter today who has managed to get17 chapters read today i am on chapter 23 but apparently everyone is raving about it . tts not often i am in the fashion lol take care and if you are a reader give it a go it was £2/70 to downlod on my kindle but i think you can get it from all the supermarkets eyc love to you all and happy reading but dont forget it is very explicit to say the least in some places you have been warned lol love diddl x

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Naughty but nice AH !! diddle have a good read :-)

)))))) Allan x


Hi Diddle, those books are amazing - I have read all three, I took them on holiday with me to Florida on my kindle, read the first book on the plane and was so hooked, I couldnt put it down, then read the other two whilst the boys were swimming in the pool.

Enjoy these books :-)

At least while you are reading, you are resting so it's all good!!!!

Gentle hugs xx


Hi Diddle my daughter told me about this too so like you I downloded it and I'm two thirds though the first book..........Mr Chrstian Grey sounds yummy although a little strange to say the least lol! Takes my mind off the pain for a while anyway - happy reading :)



i have invested in these books and i cannot put them down i an nearly at the end of the first one , i had to give him a rest today as my husband was becoming a little jealous hahahahaha x x enjoy the read xx


I have them in Audio format makes my ears steam LOL


well all i can say is i would be in soooo much more pain if i done what Mr Grey wanted me to do if i was with him lol if you read the books yu will know what i mean lol naughty but nice :) love diddle x


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