today it will be the 3rd day of sun for us so think summer may have arrived at last we are meant to have it right through to the weekend now so fingers crossed we will .

i will hopefully get to sit in the garden when i can and read my kindle i havent really read much for the last few weeks so need to catch up on that xxxxx hope you are all enjoying the sun love diddle xxxx

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  • Ye leave everything and enjoy the sun .. Has been good here for over a week ... I love being outside makes me feel good . Relax in the sun

    Joy x

  • hi diddle,

    I like the sun but it don't like me lol. I get rhinitis bad flares up lol. So i can't win lol. I feel great with me bones and muscles but my nose and breathing and that feels crap lol. I have asthma too.


    I hope you all have a great day.

    love kerry x

  • I think we're more susceptible to allergies...I get hay fever or rhititis and loads of catarrh, runny eyes and sneezing at times, though not too bad today! It's been a good day for me emotionally...my love interest rand me and youngest son came round.

  • aww that is lovely for you DEstiletto

    from kerry x

  • Just enjoy it while we git it hope its lasts till next weekend as my daughter is getting married I'm looking forward to getting all dressed up & high heels well platforms.. & I know I will suffer the nxt day but it will be worth it sunshine & rest is always the tonic xxx

  • We need to make the most of it while it's here. I awoke with stiff achy back but it eased as the day wore on.

    From Barbara in the UK

  • hi suwie,

    I really hope the day went well for you and your family today.

    love kerry x

  • So much nicer waking up to a bright sunny warm day, nothing feels quite as bad! Hope everyone is having a good day today! :)

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