Evening folks, i dont know if any of you read the sun newspaper but i found this article in it a couple of days ago under the captain cash column.

"my wife suffers from Fibromyalgia which causes her chronic pain every time she moves.

Last year i took her on a break to a log cabin for the disabled with a hot tub and it was tearjerking to see her in the tub with no pain.

I promised to save up and get an inflateable tub but have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis and have been off work for six months, i have only saved £100.

Captain cash says: I will chip in with £300.

i do like to read good news and hope that this lady gets lots of relief from her inflatable tub.

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  • brilliant - I agree - I love good news too

  • sounds heavenly doesn't it , what a lovely hubby too x

  • it does sound great x

  • How lovely! :) xx

  • aww that's nice ... I want a hot tub now lol

  • aww thats nice :)

  • Please ,give us your address and we can all have a good soak it' sounds lovely,good for you well done,make sure it's a giant tub to hold everyone on this sight,no seriously that sounds fab jacksiex.PS tell me how much and i'll get one.

  • Love Captain Cash....he does a lot of good.

  • I think I will stick to the bath lol, too much space to fall down in something that size. But good on Captain Cash xxxx

  • indeed !! my swedish friends have one in there back and they usually all go in it on christmas day - they still live in sweden

  • A pool in Sweden, Xmas day lol, nooooo thankyou xxxxxx

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