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sun and fibro

hello everyone can i just say before i ask my question. A big thankyou to you all i found this sight and thought i would try it and wow you have all been so supportive and helpfull i do not feel alone anymore so thankyou xx

My question is does anyone ache more when they have been in the sun ? I went away last year to the canary islands and the pain was hell all week nearly ended up in hospital because of the pain. have never felt so ill and scared. Now we are due to go away again and i have never recovered properly always in pain. and i am scared that i will be that ill again and my poor husband will be holidaying alone again x any ideas

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Yes i do, I was beginning to think i was the only one...I don't know what you can do if your going to a very warm and sunny place. The only thing I can suggest is that you visit your doctor and see if there is any pain medication which is stronger than you already take that you can take with you. I don't find anything that helps just have to rest more and take things easy. It might be worth looking at a different type of holiday in the future. xx


Sounds like temperature sensitivity. Quite a few fibromites suffer from it. I was always over-sensitive to heat as well as cold. Heat more intensively than cold.

Google it and you might find some hints and tips to avoid too an extreme reaction. I tend to stay shaded and 'listen' to my body when it sends out signals when out and about in hot weather.

I also carry a fan - one of those little handheld doodahs - and make sure to have water on me to cool me down. Wet wipes as well if my skin gets clammy or I feel overheated.

It tends to be finding your own specific limits and sticking to them that works best, unfortunately that comes through hit and miss personal testing.

Also remember the more anxious you are about this the worse your Fibro reacts, I know it's hard but sometimes you just have to take it one step at a time, and checking if you can 'handle it' before taking the next one.

Sorry I can't be more help. Maybe someone else on here can be of more help, and as I said earlier Google search is our friend.


Hey webby, gentle hugs.

I've noticed I ache more in the sun as much as I do in the cold. I avoid going out in either weather conditions and always try to keep my home as steadily temperate as possible. Fibro is a cruel bugger - and comes in many different guises.


Carol xx


Hello Webby, I would have a word with your GP, mention your symptoms last time you went away and see if there's anything they recommend for you, either revised meds, also what to avoid etc. I hope you manage to get away and have a lovely break, take care. :) :)



Well last year I would of said yes that the sun is as bad as the rain and

wind, but my fibro has got worse in the last year and any kind of weather

makes it worse, I think that if you can except your pain and enjoy yourself

you will find that you will be able to cope with the pain still hurts but you

just manage does this make sence.

Dont let this thing we have spoil your life or your husbands you cant help

the tiredness that goes with it but you may be able to help the pain

with the medication, and the determination that it is not going to take

evey thing from you, fight it and cope with it I know its hard dont let it

take your life from you

I work as a nurse 3 days a week I get up in the mornings and think I

cant do this I am stiff and hurt every where, I take my medication and

go to work and my job takes my mind off the pain not all of it but enough

that I can do my job, for me its after the 3 days I am so tired I cant keep

my eyes open cant do anything, not much of a life, but I can still do the

job I love. I know in the end I will have to leave but at the moment I have

the determination not to let fibro take every thing from me.



I find the sun warms my bones, if you know what I mean. As I am constantly cold, especially my hands and feet, the warm weather is a welcome get. Although saying that, for the last month I have been having there mad and random sweats. But just my head. One minute I am fine, then within a few minutes my hair is soaking wet. I find it so embarrassing. Has anyone else experienced this? I have had fibro for just over 2 years now and its only the part month that this has been happening. In that respect, the weather is not helping :-(


Yes It not nice is it hair wet dripping off your face and frightened

that you have wet marks under your arms.

I dont know if it is the medication or the fibro, I have had this for

the last two years so I think its part of fibro I am cold as well but

only my feet.


I also find that the heat makes my fibro worse. I decided to go to Asda on Friday morning and have to go by bus as i don't drive and my daughter who usually takes me is without a car at the moment. Bad mistake, i only got as far as the bus stop sat down in shelter and suddenly i thought i was going to pass out, and began sweating like you describe, water dripping from my head and hair soaking and light headed. I will try again today.

Take care

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


i was dx with fibro last year and since just before xmas my symptons have got worse ,i couldnt wait for the lovely warm weather ,but have discovered that i have sensitivity to the heat ,as everyone knows it has been very hot ,i seem to be ok in warm weather but not hot weather ,at the mo im as bad as iam when its damp and cold ,which is dissapointing ,but hey ho fibro is a learning curve isnt it



hi,i find that any change in the weather seems to affect me.When the hot weather started i had a couple of really bad painful days,but my body has settled into it now and i always know when it is going to change especially rain as again i am in excrutiating pain.To cool down on hot days i use a small spray bottle filled with water that i spray on face back of neck and wrists,really helps cool you down xx


Yesterday I went out in the sun for about an hour I had on cream ect. But when I came in I have these huge blisters which are now white and hard all over arms shoulders and chest. Also was pouring with sweat. I have had several fits since I've had fbm if I get overheated does anyone else have these with being in sun ? Jen


I have always been worse in the summer with fatigue and general aches and pains. It feels like everysingle bone in my body aches when i come back in the house from being in the sun.

My specialist is confused as winter is supposed to be worse for fibro but its a different pain in winter.

It is so confusing as i thought the nice weather would make us all feel better but on the whole i think spring is my best time for pain, but this spring my depression was bad so i cant win lol.

hugs, kel xxxx


thankyou all for your comments i do not feel alone now i have an appointment to see dr so will let you all know how it went. thankyou so much love angela


I cannot tolerate very cold, or very hot. I'm afraid these days I settle for warm cos that is when my ME/Fibro is at its best. So, my poor husband has to settle for warm too when it comes to holidays too!! We go out of season, and I spend the first few days in the hotel room recovering from the journey whilst he discovers all about where we are lol. He finds nice shady sites for me to sit/sunbathe outside, and our short walks are limited to the evenings.

The biggest advice I have is to read your body at all times, and respond quickly (well, as quickly as possible lol), and have a bloody good holiday Webby.

Angel hugs



Well as for me the sun is great and I feel better,than the damp weather, but on saying that everyone is different and have other problems as well as fibro. I like most of us here,have very server lower and neck pain that doesn't seem to get any better never mind what the weather. good luck to all xx


I don't tolerate extremes well,either. I found the sun last week really helpful for fatigue and didn't need to lie down and sleep in the afternoon as I do usually. I think that is the Vit D doing its thing. I tend to think it's the humidity that's the thing that makes me worse, so if temperature gets to over 75 degrees and it's a humid day I feel exhausted. I would be better on a cool dry day.


I am the same in the heat and the really cold days, my feet can be freezing in a moderately warm day, but this heat we're getting has been making me feel sick this past few days, and a sore throat and I think a fever coming and going, I think it feels like summer flu, only I know it's summer fibromyalgia, ha ha, but sure what can you do.



Sorry I meant to also say that suddenly water drips off my forhead quite unexpectedly, and it really pours and I get this before I get really hot (thought that follows always) and I'm also dizzy a lot lately xx


Yes, I can't cope in the sun at all, although this time of year lifts my spirits, rather than the grey dullness we get here in Wales, the constant rain is a drag! but I hate the brightness of the sun which gives me bad headaches, the heat makes me irritable and tense, which doesn't help with the aching all over and I get chronically tired!

Can't win!


Yep am the same to tempreture veriations very cold / very hot makes pain worse and direct sunlite gives me headaches as well more difficulty getting moving in the morning, and severe tiredness.




am new tothis and after reading what you all have said i dont feel alone ,i have just had a cry for the 1st time as i thought i was nuts,am in bed and feel like hell the hot weather has made me worse and all i want to do is sleep,my son is home from being in afgahn for 6 months and i couldnt go on holiday with him due to this and also its all new to me as i was only diagnosed a few months ago,this site is a Godsend !x


I love the bright sunny daylight but my skin is so sensitive, I don't spend much time out in it at all. I have had a lot of trouble with my system responding very slowly to changes in temperature. I was diangosed with underactive thyroid which a lot of us fibromites have and even with the meds for that, if my feet get cold it literally taks days for them to heat up enough. Hard to say for me cos sun definitely helps my depression which in turn helps me focus less on the pain.

Best thing is to ask at FA main website and see what thy hav to say

Whippet x


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