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Far infra-red treatment

I've been having acupuncture of the last few months and it's really made a difference. The guy I see does all sorts of other treatments too, and on Friday he's going to let me use a bio-mat as it's supposed to be great for energy levels and general well being.

Anyone else been on one of these? Apparently it's full of Amethyst and has also proved great for treating cancer. I'm really looking forward to trying it - but let's be honest, wouldn't be all try anything if there's the slightest chance it would work!

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I thought about acupuncture, as well but because fibro is

So complex I have been told that you realy have to have

Some one who understands it and the benefits are only

Suppose to last for a few days but bliss a few days without


The bio mats are very expensive to buy about £1,000 I think

but I can't find Any one who does it on the isle of wight would

Love to try and would be very interested to know what you


Good luck



Oh just wrote out a long reply and lost it agghh

I've just had my first go on a bio mat. I don't understand why, nit o have less pain, better sleep, and more energy. Absolutely no side effects. I daren't trust it and do too much in case I crash.... But can't wait to go back next month for another go.

I still have brain fog though. No recall for familiar names and can't work out a bill....but if i can sleep better for a while thats got to help.

I wish i could afford to have a bio mat at home. I can only go once month and have to travel to the next county for it....but so far I recommend it

Stepper x


Hi glad you are getting some relief i tried acupuncture on the nhs and didn't rate it but have paid privately for it and thought the private one was far superior than the lady at nhs just the look of the draw i suppose i have tried all sorts of alternative treatments as i and my friends have an interest .

I can recommend meditation and using visualisations to move the pain. thanks for the info on bio mat i will look it up and give it a go. like you i will try anything if theres half a chance of getting some pain relief.

lesley x


Hi there,

Although I have never tried a Bio Mat, what I do use, and what does seem to help is the Ultralieve personal ultrasound machine.

Today, my friend had horrible spasms in her derriere...and hips. She could hardly move. I went over with my little machine, and as soon as I was done, she was moving a lot more easily.

i actually find that it helps me in regards to sleep...every time my hubby uses it on my back or neck, I have such a better sleep. (In fact, the last time he did it on my back, I fell asleep whilst he was doing it for a few hours!).

I am not quite sure how it works, but I believe that it increases the blood supply around the area in pain/spasm. It is painless, gentle and easy.

It was around £112, and if used for somebody with disabilities, it is VAT exempt. It is small, fits in my handbag and has travelled all around the world with me, and has really reduced the severity of spasms and flares.

Just thought I would share this! (And no, I don't work for Ultralieve! :) )



Thanks everyone - I'm looking forward to giving it a go! Will look into the ultrasound machine too :)


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