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New Treatment Helps!!!

Hi everyone! Just came back from Portugal where I went to try a new kind of treatment, and the good news is that it worked I felt much better for about a week, then the effect whereof... but it still is good news at least there is something that helps! So let me talk to you about it... Its a new technology called NANO-PULSE basically it's different frequencies of electric pulses that pass through your body and help cells to recharge to a healthier charge. You can check it out on their website . They also prescribed a few natural medicines to help me, they are a detox fluid, pills to aid with sleep and another thing to help take more oxygen to the cells, I'm just started those so can't really comment if they are helping but as far as the treatment sessions they do!!! :) Anyway hope that these news makes you all feel better! It's a light at the end of the tunnel, now it's just trying to spread the word to bring it to this country!!!

Soft Hugs to all!!

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I am glad the treatment worked for you :) however over the years I have had many treatments that have worked for a week or so then they wear off.... Unfortunately none of them were free so if this comes to this country and is free I would be perfectly willing to try it .. But I am afraid I can't get over excited about it as it only lasted for about a week before it wore off and you had to take other things with it.... Lets hope they improve it so that it lasts longer, and maybe one day we can have a fibro free world :D


I can agree to this also sometimes going to hot country warms are bones and fibro gos

2 weekd after your back so is the fibro

but i really wish for all are sakes you have found something that works at last

And glad your feeling better

Fibro makes are lives so misrable xxx


I'd probably try if it was free here too. :)

sounds a bit like the basics of tens - is it?

glad you had a weeks relief. I'd love to go to portugal just for the sun 8-)



hi i was in cyprus in october and just with the sun got the same efect . . so would like to see how it works in this climet .

but so glad for you soft hugs kath


I really hope you continue to feel better.

However, I would like to see some scientific evidence that this kind of treatment works. I couldn't see any references on the website (never a good start!) and couldn't find any references to "nanopulse" and pain, or actually ANY chronic condition other than macular degeneration, on the medical database PubMed. Most of the papers on this subject were looking at the very basics of the technology, including how safe it is to use on humans!

Part of the reason that double-blind placebo controlled trials are considered so good when evaluating treatments is that the placebo effect is very real and can be very strong. But if you, or the NHS, are going to pay for a treatment, it's good to know whether it works because of what it is or whether a sugar pill would do exactly the same. :)

I hope you continue to feel better and didn't spend too much money on this. :)


Hope the effects continue to work for you. Did you run this by your GP before having treatment? Also have you discussed the natural medicines with your GP? Some can be very dangerous & do not undergo rigorous testing of normal medicines. Also could be a dangerous combination when taken with your GP prescribed medicines if you are on any. Sorry, don't want to put a dampener on how you are feeling, just want to make sure you are not causing your body any harm.


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Greetings and well done for trying something different and being able to "think outside the box". Your treatment sounds very interesting. I am always interested to hear of natural and holistic ways of treating fibro instead of propping up the pharmaceutical industry.

I think we have been brainwashed so much into not trying anything natural and depending on the NHS, but western medicine (if you can call it that!) has only been around a couple hundred years and the natural way has been with us for thousands!!!

I hope you get some long tem improvement and I would be interested to see how you feel in a couple of weeks.

I am broke and living on benefits but I would be willing to save and pay for something that works as not everything that is free is good - ever wonder why it was free in the first place???

Blessed love xx


Hi all, I do understand all the concerns and everything, I would just like to add that the treatment it self is not expensive the first appointment is €100 where they do a complete analysis and a session of treatment then the next appointments can vary between €20 and €70. In concerns of the natural medicines I did not run them through my GP, but I did mentioned the treatment to my physiotherapist and the O.T. and they both thought it would be interesting to find out the results. I still have to talk to them now that I am back. I do believe more in natural medicines that pharmacological ones mainly because there are many more years of study on them and because they are natural rather then quimical formulas in a lab. The only down turn here in my point of view is that it's not easy to travel across oceans to do it every month but again if it was here and for the price it is I would go regularly and From what i experienced this time I would spend more time feeling better rather then miserable! Oh and as for the sun, I can confirm that in all three days I was in Portugal the sun didn't come out it was all rain!!!

I will speak with my Physiotherapist and OT and hopefully start raising awareness of this treatment and maybe bring it to this country. Hope that some day all of you can try it and prove to yourselves that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that we can actually feel better more often then miserable!

Soft hugs and lots of love to all xx


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