I saw this in the fibromyalgia magazine and wondered if anyone has tried it out. I recently found research saying that infrared saunas help fibromyalgia. I tried one in a salon a few weeks ago and I really liked it. It's NOT LIKE A NORMAL SAUNA which makes you sweat a lot and personally I hate, because I feel like I can't breathe. You perspire a bit. It's funny really because, I have a huge problem when I got hot in the past year or so, whereby I overheat,have to take off all my clothes and itch like mad and have to use a back scratcher til I cool down. Think it's to do with the menopause.

These ones from firzone are portable that you use at home, so if they help would be useful. However, they are NOT CHEAP, hence why I am looking for fibro mites who may have tried it. Although, it sounds like you sweat a lot in them, so NOT SURE.




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  • Hi


    Not tired this myself, I have been for conventional saunas in the past and quite enjoyed them. not sure I would now as I tend to get hyperhidrosis and really sweat when it is warm. I want to wish you all the best o luck if you decide to give it a go?

    Good luck


  • Thanks so much for replying Ken. LaurieLee

  • Not sure what you have tried but I found infer red blanket so useful I move south to a warmer climate. heat really helps me and i thought I did not sweat but I do and as everyone else does it feels great.

  • Thanks so much for replying Betty. LaurieLee

  • My mother has FM, ME, and MCS. She purchased an infrared sauna and said it helped her feel better. When she purchase a home with a traditional cedar sauna she used that instead.

  • Thanks So much for replying Sasha. Was it sweating like a normal sauna, or just a usual sweat. LaurieLee

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