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Pushed it toooooooo far!

Sooo like the silly person i am, decided after my mad cleaning spree ( 2 lots of washing up, now 4 loads of washing, and sweeping, cleaning kitchen sides) after the pain killers kicked in i need to get moving again! Sooo decided to go asda, By this point i still was struggling to walk and it took me nearly 2 hours to get £16 worth of things! I could of cried towards the end and lifting the bags in the car was agony, Sat there and just thought AGAAGAHGAHAGHAGHAAGGAHHHHHHHHHHHH! My partner had refused to come

1) Because yesterday I kicked off in the shpo at the till assistant and caused the other half to have an anxiety attack :(! Hopefully now im on new medication and getting seen by a Psychiatrist ill get the help and diagnosis i need to stop my crazy mad woman out bursts :(!

2) Has a very poorly belly bug ( Nottt nice! )

Luckily though the other half come to meet me carry the shopping in as it then took me a further 10 mins to walk up 2 flights of stairs in the flat we live in!!!! Sat here now in agony! :(!!!! I really really need to start remembering to take it easy! Luckily my nieces who i usually look after tomorrow have their dad looking after them to give me a rest!!! And then tuesday medical and Wednesday going my mums cuz its my BIRTHDAYYYY! ( as you all probs no haha!! )

Hope you have all had a better day than myself!!! :) Keep smilingggg xx

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Take it easy go to bed now and relax and if you have to stay there tomorrow, its hard to adjust to fibro i know i was the same and still am lol. You do housework then the next day it hits you hard, fingers crossed for tuesday and good luck and learn to take it easy.

gentle hugs paula x


After 3 years you would have thought i would!! LOL! Although tomorrow I am planning to finish cleaning and cook shepards pie for my mum as we are going for a medium reading :) Looking forward to it!!! Just hope by the time we go i can walk with out looking like a penguin just shuffling along! lol

Gentle hugs back :D xx


Well take ya time tomorrow then, ohhhh a reading i havent had one for a long time love things like that. xx


She has waited a long longgg time :) The medium we are actually seeing found my uncle through his wifes hairdressers because he had a message for him!! We then have been attending the local spiritualist church for a few weeks, they have different mediums each week and we went and the same medium was there!! It was crazy and she said to me if after i would ask if she could arrange a private reading, Just as she reminded me at the end he said if anyone would like a private reading please come give your name! Dont think ive ever walked so past to get her name on there!! Its only been a week to wait. She text me earlier saying how excited she is lol! Bless her!! :) Really looking forward to it!!

Will defo take my time tomorrow! Stick the tunes on, have some pain killers, and slowly do little bits at a timeee ;)!

Just found out im also taking my friend to pick up a kitten to join her household! <3...... Starting to wonder if i should consider bed time! LOL! Wish i was tired though!!!! Been tired all day and now wide awake TYPICAL! xxxx

Reply need to find a ground floor flat.

B.calm down de stress and chillax.

C.happy happy birthday.

Just moved home and gt alot on but do read all your blogs.xx


Awww :) Thats nice sammy thank you!, Im moving soon hopefully * fingers crossed *!!! Hopefully to a house but it will be a lot easier as more space plus a garden which i really really want so i can make a lovely peaceful area!! Plus the partner may need a guide dog soon and will need the garden, Plus my beautiful baby boy ( jack russell) Will be coming to live with me! Very stressed without him at the moment and all the havoc he is causing my parents so will be such a relief to have him with me! lol xxx Good luck getting you new home sorted :) xxx


Make sure you pace yourself tomorrow Kim, lots of rest periods too! We all overdo it sometimes and boy do we pay for it. We tend to think that we feel ok at the time so we are ok, and of course that isn't necessarily so!

I can understand how you miss your baby boy, we have two Jack Russells, they are so loving aren't they.

Hope it all works out for you with your move! I am moving house too soon, hopefully in the next two to three weeks we will exchange contracts if the solicitors pull their fingers out! So stressful! :P


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