The time

Well it's the weekend and I'm heading back home.

Been with Nan all week and I have to say my aunt (who has Nan living with her) deserves a medal.

I love her to bits but I didn't realise how hard it is living and helping someone with dementia.

I've not had time to rest so the fibro has me really tired and aching but I've got to say I'd willingly keep the fibro if it meant Nan didn't have dementia.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm going back to Devon for sleep and a hot warm bath. Gentle hugs to all x

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  • Hi....That is a very lovely thing to say about your Nan...I hope you get lots of rest and sleep and feel better very soon...x

  • It is so very sad to see what dementia does to those we love. I'm sure your Nan would be really proud of you if she could be. I hope you take some time for yourself now as you need all your strength xx 🐸

  • Your post show what a beautiful, giving, caring and selfless person you are. You've warmed my heart. Hugs M x

  • Hi Lins231 , Glad your home!! This makes me think of my lovely mom as my dad has dementia and she takes care of him.I find it so overwhelming I can hardly think of I it without tears.May your aunt be blessed for doing all that she does .Take care hun.Peck🐤

  • All my hopes and dreams for all of you x

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