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Hi, I noticed someone asking about GP referal to rheumy, I was sent several years ago for diagnosis for fm which was identified as 18/18 tender points diagnosis for fm.

i was given leaflet and told nothing can be done, so was advised to visit support group and live with it, i had no blood tests as he said nothing would show in them.

i did have a bone scan as he needed to check cancer i was having treatment for had not gone into bones ( which it had not thankfully) he said the normal "meds people with fm take is what i was on fluoxatine and amytriptaline on a night.

this was over 4 ys ago I did councelling and went to do a leasrn to live with pain session with a cognative therapist apart from and have never had anyone including my gp mention or give any advice so how come some people see a rheumatoligist when mine said its not rheum problem?

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I am sorry to here your Gp was not 100% helpful how struggle with FMS and not being supported .. here is great you find out so much xx


Ask various medical staff (ie GP's, practice nurses, district nurses, practice manager) what support there is for FM in your area.

My hospital has a CFS support service ... I found out about it from a waitress in Pizza Hut!!! The practice nurse knew about it but the GP hadn't got a clue. Still waiting for my first appointment though!

Julie x


Hello Nanna, I would like to think that in over 4 years there is more Fibromyalgia awareness than there was then. It might be worth asking your Doctor for a referral now, I am sure you would get it, then you can see a Rheumatologist and take it from there.

Time's change, I hope you get your referral, a proper diagnosis after examination and the correct treatment, meds etc. Best of luck :)


Hi, sorry thought I had made question easy but on reding it I have not( lol blame fibro fog) , I did get a referal to hosp to see rheumarologist, and he made diagnosis and he was the one that gave me leflet and told not to take pain meds as they did not help fm.

I was sent a copy of the leter to my gp explaining that he did confirm a 18/18 score fro tender points and the scan was to eliminate cancer in bones.

So what I was trying to ask was why some people see a rheum doc when the prof I seen said I was discharged on the day I was given the diagnosis, sorry my question seems confusing.

since the diagnosis I have never had any follow up or any help from gp so am presuming they do not treat it?


Ask GP to refer you to a pain clinic, they will be able to give you suitable meds. Not sure why the rheumy told you not to take pain relief, although it does not help the actual cause of fm it does help with the pain. x


I think that's appalling! You are 1 very strong lady and you've coped amazingly, but perhaps if you try again with no joy, you must have strong grounds to request 2nd opinion. Good luck! x


thanks for your replys I have been trying to decide if I should go to another gp practice, am boked in to see gp in morning to see about my dupuytren`s contracture so may ask him if he is aware that I get no support or meds or basicly anything other than diabetic check so will maybee ask him some q thanks


I have also just been diagnosed with FM and I think Rheumy and I MUST have the SAME Dr. I am a hard working single mom, and worked 48 -60 hrs a week, whatever it took to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. I work in a factory and the work is VERY physical. Recently, Fall 2013, I started getting alot of pain down in my lower back and down my right leg. I did what every one does sought out medical treatment. I did not have a GP so went thru walk-in clinics and ER rooms and was told I have spinal stenosis and put on Gabapentin. I was sent to physio and acupuncture, and eventually at my insurance companies request, a work hardening program. I was all for trying to get back to work. However, my situation just seemed to worsen. I was in CONSTANT pain, not only in my back but in my neck,shoulders, knees, neck..u name it I had pain there. Along with crippling migraines that came every 2-3 days and lasted the same length of time, and rest, forget about it. I was exhausted ALL THE TIME. I finally got a GP recommended thru a family friend and was sent for x-rays, MRI's, blood work etc. Nothing showed except spinal stenosis and degenerative disks in both my back and neck. I was assessed by my acupuncturist with possibly having FM, and she wrote a note to my GP asking that I be tested for FM. My doctor NEVER laid a finger on me this entire time. How can u diagnose a patient without touching them? She said that if the acupuncturist did the check then she did not have to. Then went so far as to say that a acupuncturist is not even qualified to make that diagnosis but still never checked me her self. I was sent to a pain clinic for a nerve block, and the dr, at the pain clinic was not even told to check me for FM. Now I sit waiting to see a specialist who has a wait list of up to 8 mos, I have no income as my insurance says I do not qualify for LTD and my dr. will not sign me off to get CPP. There are no support groups in my area, I do not drive, and I am getting to the point of wondering why it is I fight to wake up each and every day, just to go thru the same shit all over again. How do you get a GP who actually supports you when u say you have FM?


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