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Hi All,

I am diagnosed with both CFS/ME and FM (seems to be an overlap).

I am wondering what tests, results were concluded for FM diagnosis and what medical consultants and services are involved after (like Rheumatology etc)?

I have a good, supportive gp, but other than pain killers(not working), nothing else offered. No muscle testing etc..

Sharing info is invaluable..... hope to hear from you

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Mine was diagnosed after a few pretty comprehensive set of blood tests, a chest x-ray, full medical exam (pressure points etc) and nerve conduction studies, mainly done to rule out any other conditions (SLE, arterial blockages etc). I did go and seek a second opinion from a MUCH better rhuematology consultant who actually spotted my severe hypermobility which he feels is the root cause of my fibro. I also have Raynaud's and angiodyskinesia which were diagnosed some years ago.

Good luck with everything x


Yes same with me all a process of elimination, recently found to be vitamin D deficient which has caused irreversible nerve damage, the difficulty with this diagnosis lies in the fact that it shares symptoms with many other conditions. Wishing you all the best Lou x


Hi Lou,

Thanks for your reply. Interesting about vitD and caused damage. Was that discovered by standard blood tests?

I found sunny climate seems to give me a little improvement and vita d is gained via sunlight I believe.

Wishing you well xx


Hi EquineArcher77, I hope you get this reply as the original post was 3 years ago. I wanted to contact you as you're the first person I've seen that has been diagnosed with angiodyskinesia, which is one of a number of conditions I've got. I was diagnosed in 1992 but the condition was never mentioned as no other Dr heard of it except the professor who diagnosed angiodyskinesia, so my condition has always been left untreated; my symptoms were treated, but I was continually told my there was no name for my condition. Only in 2015 did a neurosurgeon listen to my medical history and acknowledge I had angiodyskinesia and claimed this caused me to have a CRPS type condition. What treatment, if any, did you receive for angiodyskinesia and do you still suffer from it.? Please can you tell me what your angiodyskinesia symptoms are? Sorry for all these questions but writing to someone else whose got angiodyskinesia is a first for me and I've been looking for someone else who has the same conditioning as myself for years. Thank you


The vitamin D deficiency was found after I began experiencing numbness in hands and legs, on supplement now and am tested regularly. I believe others on here also have this X


Thank you


Hi jellynpain

I sincerely hope that you are feeling well today? I was diagnosed by a Private Consultant and a Chiropractor I was seeing at the same time that my GP sent me to visit. It took about a month of elimination and lots of blood tests and examinations. I had acupuncture and electrolysis treatments, massage and stuff that I do not even know the name of? Eventually my GP sent for me and said, 'Fibromyalgia.'

I have pasted you a link to our parent site, FibroAction, in case you have not seen this? It has loads of useful Fibro information on the site:

I want to wish you all the bets of luck and I genuinely hope that you find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi, Just read your post and in my experience it was a process of elimination but diagnosis of FM was finally based on a score of 'tender points' between 11 & 18 (mine was 16!). Hope that helped K. x


So sorry sweetheart!!! The doctor normally tests you for tender points. Then you can have a whole host of other health issues due to the fibro. Have you tried a pain clinic? I ended up having to, as I couldn't take the pain any longer. Hope this helps!!! xxx Mitzi


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