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help with getting proper FM diagnosis

Advice required - we are positive my partner has FM - he has back problem and the doctors keep using that as an excuse to diagnose FM - he has all the symptoms, tingling in feet, severe fatigue, tender aching musles, distrubed sleep patterns, stiff neck and aching shoulders. he has been on tramadol for 8 years - he has had tens machine lumber injection but no relief. latest vist to the doctors is another referal to pain clinic - how do we get proper diagnosis??? - i am even in private health care with work, but they cant act without GP referral

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i Had my diagnosis from m.e clinic, dr sent me to the wrong one, am now waiting to go to a pain clinic. Ask to be referred to a specialist, i also did this

good luck


Ask to be refered to a Rheumatologist Privatley your G.P. cannot refuse.

Hugs x x x


I got my diagnosis from my GP....but he is a very good dr and knows about fibromyalgia.

Otherwise, ask to see rheumatology hunni xxx

Good Luck xx


Hi , im sue . sadly there are no tests available , even blood test wont show up ,

so my doctor says , she done the presure test onme , as i was in pain for a number of years and in the end had to pack up my job, these tender points if you look at the diagram that they show you on the fibro sites, you will beable to look and see if this is were your pain is, its a very difficult thing to diagnoise , but they say that they may soon beable to fine out what is causeing it so will hopfully beable to diagnoise, fingers crossed, suexx


I was referred to orthapedics to have a spine injection due to osteoarthritis when it made my pain worse he then said i have chronic widespread pain and refered me on to the pain clinic -

I was given the chance to attend a ten week course on pain management -

This is where i found out that what i have is fibromyalgia


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