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I have finally been diagnosed!

My doctor has just confirmed his diagnosis. He says I have so many symptoms associated with FM that cannot be anything else that it would be as hard to prove I did not have it as prove I did, so his conclusion is that I do have it, or words to that effect.

He also warned that I may not be able to continue work for as long as I had hoped, which was helpful as I had been trying to tell my husband this and he was in the room.

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I dont know whether to congaratulate you or commiserate, at least youve got a dx, so now you can a last get help


HI Sarah-Jane,

At last you know what is wrong with you, i know it might be hard for your hubby to understand, i was lucky my wife was great when i was diagnosed and did everything to help me and find out as much info as she could on fibro :)

It might be a good idea to ask your hubby to have a look at this site and read all of the blogs and questions, it should help him to understand more about what you are going through :)

Hope this has helped and please remember everybody on this site will try to help you in any way we can :)



Hi Sarah-Jane

I went for years before a doctor actually said the word!

I was off work for almost 3 years because of cronic back pain which brought

on my fibro, so he says, I take Pregabalin which really helped me.

I now work 36 hours a week but feel really tired by Wednesday somtimes.

I hope now you have been told what you have you will be able to deal

with it better.


Thanks SanieD,

I am so sorry about your back pain. Its awful to have to cope with that. I told my doctor that I needed a diagnosis as work were getting funny about it.

I dont work quite as long as you do, but am tired every day until I have had a rest and cup of tea. No more than before all this, however the other day I was so tired I felt like I had one of the flu symptoms of my energy draining away! Felt odd. Dinner sorted that out though. Just needed some carbohydrates I think. Shame my body doesn't just burn the extra fat on me!


Thanks Sarah-Jane

I know what you mean about energy just draining away.

I am in bed most nights by 8oclock, my body just cant go

any longer. I dont mind this as I am thankful to be able to

work but life is so different now. My husband just watches

telly on his own or vists his mates.

my weight is eleven stone, i used to be nine!!


Thank you Chorley. I am sorry, I meant he needs to understand that I cannot work for much longer and that we need to find a way to cope with the bills etc. Thanks for your suggestions and I would show him, but he understands mostly but is being stubborn about this. We love our home and do not want to have to move but it is the logical answer, to downsize so he can cope with the remainder of the mortgage or wipe it out if lucky.


Hi Sarah, i havnt worked for over 2yrs and my wife is now the only one working, luckely i am now on ESA & DLA it took me along time to get it and my wfes wages dont effect any of my benefits :)


Hi there sarah-jane,

It is so relielving to get a diagnosis, i think anyway as it shows that we are not going mad.

It took me a while to get a dx of fibro but i knew there was something else too and i have just been dx with cfs/me and hypermobility too last week.

It was such a relief when the dr told me everything and gave me most of my answers.

kel xxx


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