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Refusal of medication by GP

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any tips. I saw the rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. He gave me a list of medications that might help and said to look at the FM UK site to see what was the most up to date treatment then to discuss which would be best for me with my GP. This I did but was refused any treatment. I was told that FM is self inflicted and that I just needed to do some relaxation exercises and I would cure myself !!!! I am beyond words and devastated and worse still in even more pain.

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is this guy even qualified give him the boot honey.


I wish I could. We live in rural scotland so not much choice for GP's. Believe it or not it was a female doctor.


change dr immediatly if not speak to medical council


So sorry to hear you have such an out-of-date GP. I would contact your rheumatologist and tell him of your problems, Your GP should have had a letter from the rheumatologist telling of what happened at your appt. and what medications he recommends. If you get nowhere with that I would report your GP to the General Medical Council !!!!


My Doctor is the same but have been able to educate him to

pain & now get what I need but did take a long time & a change

of Doctor before going back & we humour each other but I now

do talks to Medical students from the Royal college London so

does help to talk with GP'S but very difficult I know I used to make

a double appointment and try & make him listen about fibro.

Take care gentle Hugs

Brother in Pain



Gee Rubberman maybe it is because you are a man that you managed to get through. It still is a mans world in many ways approx 3 years ago my doctor was giving me grief and would not take on board that I was suffering from something not connected with fibro. Eventually I was lucky enough to take a male friend in with me on the following visit. Surprise, surprise next thing I had appt made for hospital in London - yes MRI it was confirmed I was right. Sadly the same thing has occurred again so more grief but will hack it in the end I am sure. Thanks for taking on talks to Medical Students it will for sure help to change our future doctors attitudes.


Thank you all for the responses. Very helpful. Funny you say that circuitrunner but when I was begrudgingly referred to the rheumatologist it was because I was so fed up I took my husband in with me. That was the first time they acted on anything !!! Also found out yesterday that same GP's even though they have signed me off again for 12 weeks, which only pays my stamp and no ESA, find they have filled in forms for DLA and say there is nothing wrong with me and I need no help at all for anything !!!! Who will look to be the liar here - me of course.


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