The Ignorance of some people !!!!!!

I was away in our caravan with my husband having a nice relaxing time away from everything our tourer has a comfortable memory foam bed and everything I have at home is in here its so relaxing and my husband is very good he understands FM

We went to a caravan club meeting and some lady said to me what is it you have wrong with you then so I told her Fm and arthiritis in the spine knees and neck and bulging discs that go into spasm at times and she said Fibromyagia thats that pretend illness isnt it that people use to get out of working or doing anything much WELL I LOST MY COOL FOR A MOMENT AND TOLD HER !!!!!

Its the ignorance of people like you that make me sick I worked most of my life and had to give up eventually as I just could not go on any longerand the fact that I have had Fm for 20 years and now 62 and retirement age. Well after that I felt awful like it was all in my head and it upset me why are people like that grrr....

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  • Try not to take it to heart. You know it isn't in your head as so many of us have it. She was just a very ignorant person x

  • You do not have to explain to anyone what's wrong with you they are ignorant idiots itv frives me mad when people say what's wrong wiyou as if they have a right to know then they think they can judge you idiots x x

  • new to this only just diagnosed after 5 years of not getting any answers but i sure know what you mean some people are just plain thoughtless or even cruel anyone with fm knows its real so stuff the ignorant idiots and lets just hope they never have to find out how real this is!!!!

  • tell the next one to get on with their small minded life as you prefer the company of intelligent people. : /

    oh and never forget guys hospital is one of this countrys 5 leading teaching hositals, whom run a dedicated clinic including rheumatology, neurology and physio, the trustees of guys would never invest in a non existent condition .

    ps she deserved all she got no excuse for rudeness and ignorance, would have love to been there !!! hi hi

    (( big hug ))

  • thanks for all your comments being on this site has helped me no end especially knowi g there are others suffering the same or worse. Its reasurring knowing your not imagining how bad you feel some days thanks again all xx

  • you should of said you swap places with me and walk a mile in my shoes… then come back ad tell me its a pretend illness!!

    those peeps arent worth knowing

    sending big hugs ((((hugS))))) xxx

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