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Does anyone suffer from localised costochondritis?

Went to see the rheumatologist for the results of a nuclear bone scan, and was told that it was 'essentially normal'. I asked why essentially? They said there was an area of active inflammation cells in a couple of rib joints in the exact place where I have been experiencing a high level of constant, bruising type pain. The rheumy said they were going to ignore it anyway. I asked her why they were ignoring it when the whole purpose of the scan was to show up if there were any active inflammation cells in my joints, and she said it was because the only thing it could be in the ribs would be costochondritis but that if it was that, it would be in all the ribs. I came away a bit baffled and when I told my GP later that day he said it was a load of rubbish and you could get it in just one rib joint, or it could just be starting and could spread further. But he didn't go on to say he'd do anything about it!!

I was just wondering if anyone here has had anything line this?

Thanks x

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Yes unfortunately I am a sufferer. I had it twice before and it lasted about 2 weeks on both occasions and then cleared up with pain killers, anti inflamatories and rest, It always started where the ribs join at the front. This time it was different and started in a localised rib area under my left arm and spread around to the left breast area and then the pain got more intense and I ended up with it all around the chest area but where it started was always the worse. It was treated again with painkillers and then Pregablin. I had a mamogram in the end as that one area was so conisistantly painful but it was clear. If I carry anything heavy, twist too much or reach up high it starts the pain up again. My rib area is always very tender there and feels a pain as though it is inflamed if it is pressed. I can no longer wear a bra or anything tight in that area. My friend had costo about 10 years back a very severe attack that lasted about a month but hers has neer returned. How long have you been like this?

Hello Jigsawcat

Yes I suffer with costochondritis, I have had it now for 4 years, mine has been caused by my Scoliosis & Fibromyalgia. My GP gave me Capiscan Cream to apply on the painful areas around my rib cage, it does help some with the constant pain but not as much as I had hoped.

I have not been able to wear a bra since this started as it is just to painfull

Hi Jigsawcat

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I also have Costochondritis in my bottom three ribs on the right side, and I sincerely sympathise with you as I know only too well how painful this can be. My GP gave me Naproxen for this, as well as my nerve damage, and it does work well for Costochondritis as Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi yes i have had this too feels like someone has whacked you in the ribs with a baseball bat i found it painful to breath in and out. painkillers did not work for me just time

Yes, i get this too. Middle of chest area very painful too touch, and it can be painful breathing in and out, feels like an elephant is sat on my chest. Doc gave me cream for it before as i already take anti inflam,atory meds. Seems to be there most of time, but varies in severity. Dont think it is in all my ribs, and yes does feel bruised, all the best


Hi, I suffer from the rib pain myself. It will at times take away my breath. When I have my blood checked my inflammation rate is 3 times the highest level. I know a lot of it is due to the fibro, and because since getting it I'm very allergic to all anti-inflammitores. I would go to a pain clinic, they have really helped me. Now at least my pain is bearable. Hope this helps sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

May I ask what the pain clinic did for you ? I can’t get any relief. I can’t nsaids. I’m on tramadol (already on it for fibromyalgia) muscle relaxants and now gabapentin and lidocaine patches. I want to die ! This is terrible pain I get severe eternal chest tightness abs then my back feels like it will collapse. I was initially diagnosed with pericarditis ( now resolved ) then a complete weeks later costochondritis and now gastritis / reflux from the steroids . I did 5 days of prednisone ( bad side effects and has to get off prematurely ) and then did a 11 day medrol pack. I’m losing my mind I feel like I’ll never feel normal again and be able to go back to work.

Hi Nickel38

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