Does anyone else suffer from very shaky hands?

I am coming to terms with this condition very slowly as it has had quite a major impact on the life I had but I find the shakiness of my hands the hardest thing to deal with as it is preventing me from doing so many things that I used to do. Any and all advice and suggestions are welcome as it is getting me down. Thanks, Linda.

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  • as well as the condition causing it, medication can too.

    have you spoken to your consultant and gp about this?

    if you are having a bad day get someone to film it so you can show them.

  • Hi Lruk

    I get very shaky hands on occasion. My GP says it is the medications that I am on, but from what others have said to me it can be a part of the illness. Doesn't really help you much except that you know that it isn't just you!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken, I'm probably being thick as usual, but have you had your operations or are you still waiting ? Sending good wishes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy - Many thanks for your concern I really appreciate it. I have had my first operation but I am now awaiting a second MRI before the next operation. So with a bit of luck I shall be all done by early January and then I will need six weeks recuperation. I am out of the wheelchair and using a tri-walker although I can only shuffle along for a few minutes at a time.

    I hope that you are well? And once again, thank you.

    Ken xx

  • Hi there, I too suffer with shaky hands, my GP says it is "essential tremor" and for someone not on the meds I'm on he would recommend a glass of wine a day, apparently that helps. I think mine has been exacerbated by some of my meds and it is a complete nightmare, like you it has impacted on a lot of things I used to enjoy doing. I can't draw, which I used to love, but instead I do pictures made of dots, which in seem able to do for some reason.......... Ho hum

    I wish you all the very best :-)

    Foggy x

  • My tremors in my hands darted about 3 years ago and was thought to be linked to medication. When they got worse a Neurologist diagnosed essential tremor. They have got quite bad; I have difficulty writing, using a mobile, drinking from a cup. The neurologist is now sending me for a MRI. I believe it is just another side effect of FM.

    I too was recommended to take a glass of wine problem is like meds one stops working so you have two....

  • Thanks folks, I think I will go and see my GP and see what he says. It is so helpful to know whether it is just part of the condition or something that should be taken a bit more seriously.

  • Thought i was the only one with an essential tremor.Why a tremor is essential lord only knows.Doesn't help when it makes you spill drinks all down your front.

  • Sparky, thank you, your comment above fair cheered me up, not because I want any one to spill things but just the way you put it, but I have no idea why a tremor could be essential either :-)

  • yes my hands get very shaky sometimes spill my tea lol not on any meds so its not that but mostly get alot of pins and needles in hands and feet

  • Have you considered B12 deficiency ? where there is a questionnaire which changes colour as you progress through the list ! It is a very common problem throughout the world and the blood test is only a guide. There is now a more accurate one done by one of the Teaching Hospitals - sorry am not at home with access to links ! It is called the Active B12 Test. Try googling it ! It's St Thomas's Hospital I believe. B12 is involved in many things in the body including the nervous system. As we age the absorption of B12 slows down and becomes less efficient. If you decide to treat yourself ensure it is the correct B12 - methylcobalamin. You cannot overdose as it is water soluble. You will also need to accompany it with Folic Acid for improved absorption.

    Hope this helps in some small way....

  • yes I have the shaking hands and you r right it take a long time to accept you have the condition , im still working on that one I am on meds to help but the hand still shake good luck keep positive

  • i suffer from tingling and loss of strength. I end up shaking or clenching my hands which seems to help. i end up spilling food and drink down myself and occasionally dropping things which is made worse when out in public especially pubs and restaurants because people look at you like you are drunk

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