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Hot Flashes

Hello, I'm new to this forum and live in Toronto, Canada.

I've had hot flashes for over 22 years since I had a complete hysterectomy due to fibroids and endometriosis. Actually, to be fair, the hot flashes started about one year after my surgery. I've tried hundreds of over the counter meds that claim to calm down the symptoms of hot flashes, however, to no avail. I've also taken prescription meds to help with hot flashes, only to add weight gain to my problem. Even though I took the prescription meds religiously (risking the weight gain), nothing is working and actually, it's getting worse and these hot flashes last for many, many hours at a time whereby it controls where and when I can go out. I also take meds for fibromyalgia, gout, osteoarthritis, and opioids for spinal pain.

I'm just wondering if anybody else out there has these hot flashes that are out of control.

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I too have the same problems as you. I would start to sweat and the water would be running down from my head and face, after many years putting up with is problem my doctor gave me some tablets which has so helped me so far they are called Clonidine 25 mg .three times a day. it has taken years to look for something which would help. not sure if you have taken these ones yet but give them a go and good luck.


I'm pretty sure these pills have been taken off the market in uk. As I'm sure I researched them and was told they don't give it now...will need to check. I use the underarm sweat roller ..it stops u sweating but itches so bad for a while but worth it and I tried it on my face. Woke up like I'd had botox but it does work but at a cost of being irritated until it settles overnight. Dryclor!! Just remembered!! Fibrofog πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‘ it's good but obviously can't put it everywhere! Must look at those tabs u suggested again.

Thanks for advise and letting me butt in! 😌



I am in the UK so they are still on the market. Ask for blood tests to make sure you are not struggling with something esle and these are hot flashes and not linked to other illness. Your body is giving signs /symptoms which need to be validate by your GP. Good luck .

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Hello Nipper11, I've been on Clonidine for 15 years and I just checked the dosage and it's twice a day but only 0.1 mg. Perhaps it can be increased? I didn't want to list all that I've tried because I would be writing it all day/night, it's been so many. Thanks for your response and I'll see if my doctor can increase this dosage.

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There could be difference health reasons to take this drug. Mine hot sweats are not linked to menopause. Ask your GP for a hormone test and perhaps they could look at the levels in your body. This drug is an old blood pressure tablet they now use to for different symptoms. Hope by asking GP to be revisit the situation you can find something that works. Good luck.


Hello Emese13 here's wishing you a very warm welcome to our group :) I have noticed you have not locked your post. By locking your post's it keeps them private and off the world wide web. It also helps to generate more replies as people prefer to answer locked posts. This link will show you how to lock your posts.


If you need help with this or anything else just ask. Please feel welcomed xx



Hi Mo, thanks so much for advising me to lock my posts. I guess I have to do this when I'm doing the actual posting. Correct? I certainly don't want this information all over the WWW that's for sure. I appreciate all advice and recommendations. Kind regards always,


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Sweating is a big prob of mine too. Sweaty Betty should b my name!! But I've found that it's usually meds related, either going on new meds or coming off..the thing I take is sage or menaforce. Woman kind by pukka is also helpful and I've recently wondered about the ladycare magnet that boots or maybe other high street retailers sell. It seems to have good reviews. I've once gone down town thinking I'm very hot but trusty strong kitchen roll in pocket..only to substitute with toilet roll one day. Did my rounds, talked to people I knew, came home and looked in mirror to find white dots of toilet paper all over my face!!😱 and not one person mentioned it too me!! nipper do u know if those meds are available in uk?

Thanks..sweaty Betty

Aka Sharonx 😰


Hi. I have had this problem which was always put down to menopause. I now realise that it's mostly due to fm. I'm now 60 and it has got worse not better. I've just read some of the other replies and I've heard of clonidine before. I must check this out. Please keep in touch if you hear of anything else that may help as this sweating really gets me down x


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