Day 1 of diet tomorow, busting out my uniform and I know its not good for condition, so no more cake and loads of fruit and if it upsets my stomach, I can always blame the dog lol , but on a serious note, its bad enough being in constant pain, but its a nightmare at work because I get so hot, and its getting really hard to squeeze in the residents bathrooms when doing personal care, and I'm sure that what's casing my possible sleep apnea x

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  • I've just cut out all Carbs and lost 10lb in 3 1/2 weeks. I feel great. Still got a long way to go but I've made a start.

    Good luck

    Jax x

  • Well done Jax, I think that's the way I should go as I'm a nightmare for spuds, if I have new potatoes as they are ok, but only those and loads of veg, I can't believe that in January I couldn't eat and was so skinny and now I'm a like a heffalump, almost weigh 12 stone ,accordin to Wii fit I should be bout 9st 7lb! Xx

  • WE all have to start to get to the finish.

    Best wishes x x x

  • Thanks Susie xxx

  • Good luck ladies, but don't take too much notice of the wii fit, it doesn't take into account body changes such as having children, as my gp pointed out!

  • I agree , if I got down to what they recomend I would look gaunt, if I can lose a stone I will be happy with that xx

  • Just a quickie Debs - if you find that you do get an upset stomach due to the change in diet a banana will soothe your upset tummy. S x

  • Thanks Sandy xx

  • Dittto ladies. Ive gone up by 2 stone since being on all the meds! Really depressing as i was comfortable weight before and happy. I seem to hve got more of a craving for sweet things which not like me!

    Hve to try harder to stop. I eat lots of fruit and veg, two litres if water a day as i still follow ww but not coming off as yet! Hey ho all gp says is nothing we can do one of the side effects.just another battle to cope with

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