day 2 of the diet !! I want carbs and more carbs

been to ill to start diet weeks ago im doing low carb. Today the fibro been playing up. I'm sat in my chair not able to walk, it hurts to breath in. All off my stomach is very bloated has been for few weeks. Im so thirsty it don't feel normal i drink 3-4 litres water a day. still not heard off Dla for medical. I need to go back to work asap but its to full on.

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  • To be honest and this is only my opinion messing about with your diet with fibro certainly in my opinion and my own GPs can sometimes make us worse... I am on week three of my diet I have fibro and ibs and arthritis and its going well all I have done is cut out all the junk I ate and eat slightly smaller portions of food I know agrees with me.. Nothing fancy and the weight is coming off... Please go see your GP and get his advise before you try anything drastic with your diet

    Good luck

    VG x

  • Thank you i will see doc, as im not sure if diet is good for me as its very strict I did slimming world few year ago and that worked all i did was eat. Think im just fed up xx

  • try & just do the SW diet, but do go and see your gp with those symptoms.

    someone [apologies] posted about vouchers for WW & SW maybe they do it in your area, following it on-line was also mentioned.



  • Glad you didn't take offence at my post... Good idea to see your GP, and be nice to have another member on board joining in the weight loss, healthy eating group

    VG x

  • Hey sharne,

    PLEASE don't do a low-carb diet! It's not recommended for anyone with health problems and can make you terribly ill.

    You said you'd been to Slimming World? They are good, as are Weight watchers - whichever you are most comfortable with, both approved by doctors and dieticians.

    Now, have a portion of chips and get well soon!

    Love, Moffy x

  • Low carb diets are not necessarily the best way to go. Carbs are the easiest form of energy for our bodies to use. Although we can burn protein and fat, it takes more processing. This could explain the even lower energy levels you are experiencing. I would suggest that a better way to diet is to eat smaller portions of your normal diet, cut out anything high in salt, saturated fat, or sugar, keep your fluid intake high with water and other fluids, not carbonated, not sugary!

    However, if you are only on day 2 of the diet, that doesn't explain the other symptoms you have had for longer. So a trip to your GP seems like a good idea.

    Good luck with the diet, and hope the other symptoms go away soon



  • Im not doing low carb now going to my docs tomrrow as all im doing is drinking water and still thirsty. I did slimming world few year ago that worked so going try that agagin. xx

  • I'm on slimming world and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it I gained tons of weight having life saving high dose steroids for two years then a further two years on steroids and steroid infusions for autoimmune arthritis. My first week of SW I ate tons including carbs and lost one stone. I've now been going eighteen months and have lost thirteen's the best thing I have ever done. I had a High dose steroid infusion in the summer and didn't gain at all I just maintained for six weeks which was fine. Also people say they can't loose weight while in I'll health but i've been extremely unwell this last year with my fibro and autoimmune illnesses and have managed to loose a lot of weight. I'd give it a go. It's not faddy, soooooo much free food, hardly any weighing and measuring and you can eat tons. It's just basically healthy eating. Certain health authorities do a GP referral scheme where you get twelve weeks free. Good luck with whatever you choose to do but do be very careful cutting out carbs XXX

  • wow you did really well. I done slimmin worls lost 3 stone few year ago but put it all on when had op. Im craving sugar and drinking loads water but not helping. Going docs tomorrow so fingers crossed xxx

  • Hi shame27 --- I don't know if you are aware of this, but lots of fibro sufferers also have Reactive Hypoglycaemia (not sure if they are connected!) -- you can read about it on this website (hope it's ok to post this link!!) -- This means that we release too much insulin and this leads to sudden falls in our blood sugar levels a few hours after eating and this is probably what is causing your Carb cravings. It is best to eat foods with a LOW Glycaemic index because they release their sugars slowly eg Oats -- I find that Porridge is good for breakfast. I also find that if you eat Small amounts of healthy stuff (lots of fruit and veg) -- little and often, and don't try and 'skip' meals -- then you help to keep the carb cravings to a minimum -- But I do allow myself a treat of a few squares of Plain dark chocolate !! Maybe you could ask your doctor to refer you to a dietician who will advise you on a healthy diet plan. hope this helps xx:)

  • Sorry -- for some reason this link does not seem to work! (evidently my poor computer skills!) -- but if you try this -- -- and then type in reactive hypoglycaemia into the "search" box -- then you should find the correct page. Also forgot to say that i find "natural" sugars such as Honey seem better than refined sugars. xx ;)

  • Hello Sharne, some very good advice on here for you. Please either start a healthy eating plan yourself eating all the right foods, cutting out the junk and a little gentle exercise if you can manage it or join one of the well known slimming organisations mentioned above for supervised dieting.

    Please always consult your GP before embarking on any diet programme. It sounds as if you would benefit from seeing your GP at the moment as you sound quite poorly.

    I hope you feel better really soon, please let us know how you get on. Take care.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • I've cut out potato and pasta, (because of nightshade and wheat avoidance) but ant amount of rice or oats is a good thing. As people have said. Keeps the blood sugar even. Its amazing the difference cutting out potato has made. I REALLY crave chips still lol, but have sweet potato fries instead.

    With that and avoiding dairy and caffiene ... I've lost 2 stone !

  • I have T2 diabetes, very well controlled I might add, and I follow a very low carb diet. As soon as I eat any bread, pasta or rice, in fact anything that contains wheat flour, my blood sugars rise like heck!! I lost 6 stone by cutting out all starchy carbs and it was great. I've put some weight back on, unfortunately due to my diabetic meds, but I still feel it was the right diet.....for me!! I think we all have to find the best way, for each of us, to lose weight if we want to. Little and often for me!! XX

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