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is this low oxalate diet working a bit ?

Well,good morning everybody. I am into the second week on the low oxalate diet. Apart from a chilli which has lots in,I have not cheated yet. If you want to try it,you can download the list on the internet.The main culprit was tea,which is very high and many of us drink on a daily basis.

I do have some really good news. I had inflammation on my left wrist which was really ugly,I could not wear a pretty bracelet as it just showed it up even more. It has gone! I am thrilled to bits. i asked my husband to confirm it and he said yes it has definitely gone.

let me tell you,he is such a skeptic,so if he says its gone,its gone!

Also, my tummy has settled down. I had permanent wind and it was so embarrassing,just went on all day and all night! It has gone! My husband can also confirm this! he is so chuffed.

I now have only 2 cups of coffee in the morning,then at 12pm I have a bowl of greek yoghurt, regular,not low fat. Then I eat what I like from the low oxalate list the rest of the day.I am trying to shift some weight and I am swimming a bit longer in the pool. Trying to exercise a bit more. The best bit about this diet is that there is no oxalate in white wine which I do enjoy from time to time! Will let you know how I progress.

I think my pain level has reduced a little but it is early days to be honest.

I will try anything to keep out of a wheelchair and off crutches! have a good day,all xxx

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Well that is good news I am trying to do similar but not cutting

Out every thing, Imsuppose you have to do it all or not at all

Even it it works a bit it's worth it.

I brought some tea called oolong tea which is meant to be free

From oxalate,,you don't have,it with milk, and it's not bad so I

Will,stick with that

Good,luck to you I so he that it works for you


thanks,and I will try this tea as well! have a good day x


Thats great news Avarose please keep us informed with your progress xx


will do,honey x


Do you have the web address of a good list pleased...

Reply is good but there are plenty to choose from.


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