Low oxalate diet

Hi everyone, its been a long time since I have been on here as i forgot my login info. I have been doing some research and have come across a low oxalate diet. The diet its self was origonally for patients with kidney stones. It eliminates some fruit and vegettables from your diet, and it was shown to help people with fybro. Has anyone here tried the diet? I would be interested to hear your results. I have tried to do it, but it goes against everything we are told to eat. the list of some of the foods not to eat are: brown and wholemeal bread, tomatoes, berries, potatoes. They are most of my staple diet. White bread is allowed which i am not a big fan of, plus most meats which i eat very little of.

Have a nice day everyone its sunny out there in lovely Wales :)

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  • Hi there

    I looked back over the past threads about this and its another split decision some people found they went into a flare some found it helped and others found no noticeable difference ... So I am afraid its a try it and see if it suits you

    Good luck if you try it.... I did and I am in the felt worse bracket

    VG x

  • Aww sorry about that Very-Grumpy. I am back on the weightwatchers pro points system AGAIN lol!! I have had a good few days lately so im going to give it another go. I got disc trouble and my Dr keeps on about my weight. He does'nt seem to understand that when your awake all night and have a cup of tea you dont realise the biscuits , or that piece of toast you have becase you are awake extra hours. I have cut down on my cups of tea though. x

  • I am trying lose weight too started the new year well then had day meds change and a flare or two and as you say when you feel yuck you NEED something nice to nibble on..., well that's my excuse....

    Good luck :)

    VG x

  • Try nibbling your OH's ear - calorie free and delicious! :D

  • A friend who was on the same Fibro management course as me tried this diet and didn't find it helped at all. But ,like a lot of things, what doesn't suit one person may work well for another.


  • A Doctor with fibro wrote in the Daily Mail, that she cured her fibro with low oxalate diet. I tried it to no avail unfortunately. try it and see there are books on the internet, but it suggests to buy one to cure fibromyalgia with your diet the two books are totally different and confusing as diets are the complete opposite x


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