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Does anyone know of a diet madeup of liquid suitable for fibro patients

Hi its me again

Yesterday I went to see the surgion and because of my cfs and fibro and general health I cannot have my knees replaced and I am borderline diabetic and at least 6 stone over weight. The dr said " your best to go home have no treats and eat just vegetables mostly in soup and liquidized as the digestion of the veg will add to your fatigue " I know only too well that it is not a good Idea to just have boiled veg. I have put on a stone or two since not being able to get about.

I did lose 2 stone last year but I swam every day and was more active now I only walk to the loo....or to and from my wheel chair.

He did give me steroid injections in my knees to see if that might help....just feels weird at the moment as if my knee is swollen. I am sore all over today as well, because he had to check all my joints out and I was up and pushed about for over an hour on my feet, for one thing and another.

So if anyone has any ideas of a good diet for me to follow I would apreciate it...tho how I can lose 6 stone in six months I do not know it took me 12 months to lose 1st on 19 points on weight watchers last year.

Thanks for reading this sorry if it goes on a bit but I only have you people on this site I can talk to.

Love and Light


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I am not sure his advice is particualarly great however if you go to your Gp they can arrange for you to see a dietisian and they can advice you ..

also are there any exersise programs in your area for dysabled people ? or have you had physio ( cant spell that one)

dont give up gentle dyslexic hugs


Sorry Lexie I did reply to you but it came up somewhere else....it is the one with gentle hugs back at the bottom of it x x x

RD x x x



I am just going back to Slimming World next tuesday as I have put on loads of weight and I have been eating rubbish.. SW has worked well for me as you can eat loads and nothing is banned. Weight really does make joint pain much worse. Also I have been referred for exercise on prescription you may be able to accsess that. Hope you find the right help Sue x


I did the exersize on prescription a long time ago and because of my CVFS I was only able to do water exercizes but my muscles were not strong enough. I then went to hydrotherapy and built up my muscles and taught myself to swim at the age of 58 I was swimming uptill about a year ago and now my health is so bad I cannot even dress myself so cant go swimming. but am going to try walking in the water with an aid and doing it slowly .I hope to get back ontop of this flare up of fibro x x x

I did try SW and I just put on weight and when I went to WW I only had 19 points instead of 29 and started to lose . But that was when I could walk.

Thanks Sue hope all goes well for you too x xx



I have an app at the fibro clinic next month for physio. ...... I remember reading about drinks for diet all the nutrients in them but foggy brain at moment. Its like Herbal Life but not that particular one as it did not suit me .

The surgion has written to my Dr who is not very helpful and said I need help!! ...My Dr is so good he even told them it was my right leg had all the problems and its always been my left,however they xrayed both and found they are both bad one just worse than the other.

thank you for answering me .

Gentle hugs back



Hi, sorry to hear you are having a bad time of it. I cant offer much advice but i had seen a cookery programme last year some time and it said that thick chunky soups fill you up for longer than what runnier ones do. I dont know if it might be something to try instead of liquidfying your food to make it into more of a stew?!!! Just an idea but its worth trying everything.

Take Care

Jo xx


Thanks Jojo I will try that not keen on chunky veg thats why we thought if I liquidized it I would not know what was in it lol But I promise I will try to get my head around it x x x


hi and good for you but you will have to be careful that is alot of weight to lose in such a short time but the only thing really is friut /veg and try to do exersizers in your wheelchair which if you go on google and type in exersize for wheelchair users it should give you some and also if you do the same for a diet it may give you some good avice

i dont really thinkthat those shake diets are very good at all not that i ahve had them but from what i can see of them you do lose the weight but as soon as you start to eat again it goes straight back on i hope you find the help you need love to you diddle x


You could try supplementing the odd meal with a Complan drink Rainbowdancer. They come in Natural, Banana, Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate flavours. When I'm feeling a bit run down or I want to eat a bit less, I always have a Strawberry variety and it will make sure you get all your vitamin and mineral requirements too. So if you are lacking a few nutrients in your other meals during the day, one of these drinks will help you there too.

Trying to lose 6 stone in 6 months I wouldn't suggest attempting without medical supervision, this is one heck of a lot of weight to lose when you are poorly anyway. I would suggest you have a word with your GP, suggest what you plan to try and see if they have any advice to offer you.

Wishing you the best of luck, but please be careful. :)


That is the most unhelpful, not to say HARMFUL advice I have ever heard!

The man who suggested you lose 6st in 6 months but gave you no support or avenue of how to do it is just plain irresponsible!

I'm in a similar situation - not yet in a wheelchair but definitely mobility impaired - and I went to my useless GP and insisted on a gastric band. I didn't really want one, but as I expected, he pulled out all the stops to try to make me not have one by enrolling me on all kinds of weight-loss and dietary courses which have taken me two years to complete and I learned a lot on them about WHY I am overweight and WHY I cannot seem to lose it no matter how hard I try. The CAT course was priceless! I am now just awaiting funding for the op .

Yes, I changed my mind. I've come to realize that at my age (60) and my weight (20st plus) and my health (not good) I won't survive another fruitless (pardon the pun) foray with Slimming World.

If you doctor wants you to lose 6st in 6 months then he needs to help you to achieve it 'cos you will not manage it on your own. Go in and demand a course to give you the tools to fight this thing! You need a psychological assessment and support in a CAT group. You need a gentle exercise routine to suit your capabilities. And you need dietary advice from a PROFESSIONAL.

The NHS still supplies these things and you do not need to go to a cosmetic thing like WW or SW which only exist to take ladies money off them. If they worked, everyone would be slim.

If you need more info on the course I did, just let me know and I'll e-mail you the info.





Thanks Gabriel The guy was young and very slim....He did say I am writing to your GP to get him to help you. I have Tried both sw and ww and water diet and all the fad ones but often put on weight on them. I actually eat steamed fish or chicken and veg potatoes twice a week and fresh fruit ,I saw a dietitian and kept a diary and she said I should be small as my potions were about right, in fact she would like to have me eat more than I do. I have been on food like this for over ten years its just not happening and now I cant swim I have put on more.

Do you know my email address or do I need to put it on here sorry new to this.

Rainbowdancer x x x x



I agree wth the others - maybe the odd meal as a liquid complan as it has the nutrients. Slimming World can be helpful but if u don't want to go physically to their clubs maybe try dieting online such as Tesco Diets. Also there's a book out abt eating called Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan which is quite small n thin for a book but is fun to read. It talks abt eating vegetables (I think the doc is wrong - vegetables are better than fruit in some ways as less gassy except for sprouts!!) n can't work out why veg wld cause fatigue either. Sweets do and they affect me. Any weight loss is gd n eases pain/pressure on joints but a stone a month could b dangerous.

Hope we've all helped a bit.

Mimi xx


I used to have to watch what I ate ie raw veg as the energy for even digesting the food was too much. However I think they just added my weight in and said six months if I lose at least 4 stone pref 6 then when I go back they can say oh you have not lost enough come back in six months again. They keep saying I am too young for a knee replacement but I am 64.....when I was 54 they said maybe when I was sixty they would do it!! Then they move the gateposts

Thanks Mimi x

Rainbowdancer x x x


6st in 6 months goes against all the normal advice, isn't healthy weight loss supposed to be 2lbs a week? I'd get a second opinion if it was me!

Julie xx


I lost 1.5 stones in 12 weeks using Slimming World, usually around 2lb a week which is the healthy way to do it. I did the 'Extra Easy' and like you, have not been able to excercise but it still kept coming off. I've been at target now for 6 months and feel so mush better eating healthier meals.

There are some really gorgeous recipes to try so it's not as though we do without.

Good luck and don't try to lose too much too soon, a steady weight loss is what helps to keep it off,

Ren Robin...xxx


As Libby mentioned, it sounds like you need to get a referral to a dietician. If your medical team require you to lose large amounts of weight quickly, they need to put the support in place to enable you to do so safely. A referral to a dietician is definitely called for.


Thanks guys yes they have now refered me and am waiting for the appointment which they said may be 8 weeks as they are busy and full up at the moment. But I am following my lifestyle plan I was on before when I lost over a stone in 4 months.

Thanks for your input I do appreciate it .



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