Has anyone tried the fast diet?

Hi All, I'm not usually a fan of anything that sounds even vaguely like a fad diet but this one has me intrigued enough to give it a try. One of my daughter's vet colleagues recommended she try it as her IBS was out of control. She's been doing it for quite a short time and seen good results so far. It was first researched as a life extending regime and the weight loss came along as a pleasantly-surprising side effect. Research has suggested it improves cognitive function so staving off, or at least delaying, dementia etc and improves cell regeneration, lower BP and blood glucose and a host of other benefits. Asked the nurse lead at work if she'd heard of it, expecting to be told not to be stupid, but was surprised when she was enthusiastic and said she'd like to try it. So my little pallies I'm going to set myself up as a guinea pig and if the fibro fog improves my memory enough I'll try to report back on my progress. Thought I'd find it totally impossible as I get very grumpy if I don't eat but had my first fast day Monday and it was OK. In fact after I'd had another really crap day at work yesterday and stuffed myself silly on Chinese instead of cooking something healthy I lay in a bloated heap trying to get to sleep and found myself looking forward to the next fast day! Think I've been abducted by aliens and cloned as this is definitely out of character. xxx

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  • Umm I don't want to sound negative but you fasted Monday and didnt feel too bad then yesterday you pigged out on Chinese..instead of a more healthy option . Isn't this maybe. Because you were so hungry that's why you pigged out and , fasting then eating is worrying me because some meds should be taken after food .... Or with food...

    Onviously you want to give it a try but I can't see fasting then eating a way of getting the nutrients we need each day ....

    Will be watching for an update to see how you are getting on but it just sounds worrying to me...

    I,m honestly not trying to put your idea down I am just worried

    VG x

  • Don't worry VG. It's not a complete fast just 500 cal (600 for men) of healthy low GI food on fast days. I ate healthy breakfast but smaller portion so could safely take meds, fruit at lunch and fish with veg for supper. Substituted some of my tea/coffee for fruit and herbal teas and plenty of water. Ate normally Tuesday without wanting to over compensate. Yesterday was just because I'd had to pull a ten and a half hour shift at work du to staff absence and dreadful IT problems. Was too knackered to even look at the kitchen let alone do anything in it! I am a complete nutrition nut so absolutely promise I'm doing this safely. Ta for caring though you soft fish you :D x

  • Phew that's reassured me ... Ever seen a fish clucking worriedly like a hen??? :)

  • I hate faddy diets, but this one seems harmless enough, and any restriction of calorie intake will result in a weight loss.

    I guess the days when you eat fewer calories will give the gut a rest, so long as what you do eat is healthy and nutritious, it could be a good thing.

    Shall await further bulletins with interest!

    VG - it's OK to cluck, but if you start eating worms and laying eggs, maybe you should seek help! :D

    Moffy x

  • Moffy hate to break it to you but fish do tend to eat worms and lay eggs. It's the beak and feathers I'm worried about! ;) x

  • True, Misty - I was just testing! :)

    Parrot fish have beaks, maybe, but no feathers. Now I'm really confused - maybe I'm turning into a spider! :O


  • Please try and eat three meals a day,not a lot of garbage that is going to make you I'll.

  • hi one of my male work pals did this sort of thing and lost weight too. but his diet was strande hey but thats men for u.

    so it there a specific plan of foods to follow? or anything providing u eat the calories x

  • Sorry to appear stupid - but what I'd the fast diet? I am desperate to lose weight as due yo meds I have put on a lot ; ( and will try just about anything.

  • Hi Mo. It was developed by a trained doctor/medical journalist who had been asked to research the claims that intermittent fasting helped improve health and increase life expectancy and found that it also could help with weight loss along the way. There's a very readable book (also available as e book) that explains the science behind it. Basically you eat normally for five days of the week and on the other two you only eat 500 calories (600 for a man) and make sure they are from healthy foods. Ideally, they suggest you eat breakfast and supper but it can be flexible to suit the individual. It's based on the idea that as a species we evolved to go through periods of feast and famine so the modern way of grazing throughout the day is unnatural. If you're interested I'd recommend you read about it first and decide if it's right for you.

  • Fasting may cause issues with IBS, so be cautious, especially as low-cal, low GI food often means lots of veggies, which are healthy but can be high in insoluble fibre making them a GI irritant.

    Some people with IBS can tolerate more insoluble fibre than others, so it may be okay for you, but take note of what effect it has on your IBS.

  • Yes I'd second that Lindsey. Both my daughter and I have IBS and some things that help me are totally intolerable to her and vice versa. She's found it has significantly reduced her IBS and she's gone from being in so much pain eating anything at all was difficult to having just a little acid reflux so is hopeful even that might go soon. Very early days for me so time will tell x

  • Thanks mistymeana xx will look into this xx

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