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Just wondering if anyone knows if NHS can still offer 12 week weight loss support? I really need to attend a class for support and motivation but at £5 a week and such a huge reduction in income I worry that I'll not be able to carry on paying and will fall off the weight loss wagon. I'm so angry that I've put on so much weight but I'm in such a rutt not being able to walk or exercise and I'm eating for fun (damn you pregabalin!!). any advice greatly taken-have docs appt on Monday but didn't know any to goin and look daft if I'm asking for something they don't offer xx 

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  • I am sure it is still on offer if you are deemed at risk through excess weight.  I know my friend gets yoga lessons on the NHS. Hope you can get some help as it is very difficult when you can't exercise  properly.x

  • Thanks rose wine-I'm going to give them a call once the early morning rush is out of the way, time to get on with it and achieve something x

  • That's great sometimes just making a decision can make you feel better.  There has been alot of research lately on dieting and as everyone who has tried unsuccessfully to sustain weight loss knows what they call yo yo dieting does not work long-term.  What they are finding is that if people can keep the weight off for at least one year it is as though the body hunger Gremlins😈😈😈😈😈 get retrained and often the change is permanent it is a great incentive.  

    Try a bit of exercise if it is only chair based and stretching is still working your muscles and burning those naughty calories.  Good luck I will be following your progress.😄x

  • Hi my friend,

    Why dont you phone your GP's surgery in the morning and ask if they can offer advice on this, if they can, what would the referrel proceedure be.

    Ask the receptionist to  leave a note for your GP. This way you will find out either way.

    I wish you well :) xx

    Soft hugs,

    Elizabeth xx

  • Annette I live in the US so I can't help you with NHS issues but I can wish you the very best to lose the weight you feel you need to so you are comfortable in your life.Make you a plan and stick with it my friend and I promise things will work themselves out.Be blessed.Peck🌹

  • Hi Annette_D

    I would definitely ring your surgery and enquire, it does not cost you anything just to ask? Many surgeries now have their own dieticians and this would not cost you anything! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with losing some weight my friend. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks ken, I'll give them a call x

  • Good luck x :)

  • Your local council should also offer weight loss programmes just go online.

  • Our local pool & gym offer classes, free if referred by GP (I believe) swimming is free if disabled & reduced price gym if disabled or on certain benefits, that includes a session weekly who goes through medical history etc, what u want to achieve, any restrictions then they will tailor a programme just for you. Ring your GP for advice & if no luck or not want you need & you have pool or gym near enough to you contact them direct. Good luck

  • Very useful :) :)

  • Thanks everyone-I've called my surgery this morning and she suggested that I speak directly to the doctor when I go on Monday-I hope he has an hour to spare and a box of hankies! I'm an emotional mess at the mo and the fact I may have to turn up in my jamas might shock him into doing something 😆😆

  • Please take care of yourself my friend, and good luck x :)


    Try this it's an online 12week plan 

    Good luck 

  • Very useful :) :)

  • My sister was recently offered this by her dr,I think they give you a choice as well,eg,  weight watchers v  slimming world, she lives in the west midlands, but I don't know if every area does it.

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