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Hi everyone I'm new to this site and just wondered if a specific diet helps fibromyalgia. I've had it at least 8 years and take pregabalin and antidepressant. I cope most of the time but the last three weeks have been really tough. I use an exercise bike and do stretching exercises which do help me but I'm always open to suggestions. I know what works for one doesn't work for another. Has anyone tried a specific diet which has helped?

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I have always been on a diabetic diet so I really don't know. I wish I could help more. Hugs

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I don't know about diets but have read today the link between Aspartane and Fibro so cut out any fizzy drinks with that in them. x

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Thanks for your reply and yes you're spot on. I haven't been able to tolerate Aspartane for some years as it gives me headaches.

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I have also found I have been better steering away from ny artificial sweeteners and I now only allow myself one fizzy drink a day as I found more only made my IBS which went hand in hand with my fibro worse. The fatigue part is always better if I steer away from cheap, sliced bread and shop bought muffins and cakes, always seem to have a horrible dip after eating them. A small pot of natural youghourt of the Greek variety seems to help my system to and I eat much more fruit now as I am aware with not being so active that I could easily gain weight.

I know some people swear by Gluten free or the FOMAP diet but I think eating a regular, balanced diet is always a good thing. Will be interested what others come up with.x


Thanks for your reply. I've been a vegetarian for over twenty years and find refined sugar does make my fibro worse or is it psychological?? I don't touch fuzzy drinks at all and I do need to drink water. It's hard to know just what to eat isn't it. We're all different.


Someone told me to try the Paleo Diet which I did last year. It was quite difficult to stick to but I only did it for 30 days and did feel better. It's a bit like the cavemans diet but sticking more to grass fed beef, organic fruit and veg too where possible - quite expensive though and I found it difficult when feeding the family who have their favourites

Since then I limit bread and dairy and notice a difference if I slip up. Aspartame is a definite no too.


I'm just embarking on the Paleo diet as I'm desperate to help myself, it's meant to be amazing for OA, weight as well as Fibromyalgia so I'm hoping to do at least 30 days and see what happens. X


Hi! I started a similar topic recently, you might find it useful to look at my post "dietary changes" and the responses. I think it was about a week ago? I am planning to start the FODMAP diet shortly (when the online food shop arrives tomorrow!)

Krissy x


Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I genuinely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I sincerely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun!

I have a large number of food allergies, and therefore avoid quite a lot of food stuffs. I have read a great deal about avoiding this, that and the other in relation to Fibro but I always take it with a pinch of salt as the internet is full of these kinds of theories. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your Fibro.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Diet always arouses a lot of interest, and not just on this site. I'm with Rosewine. I'm looking at other things with my multiple conditions but the basic is always the same. A healthy balanced diet with the right amount of carb, protein, fat etc

There are books. I have the Fibromyalgia Healing Diet by Christine Craggs Hinton. I wont recommend it nor will I rubbish it. Sometimes what ever you do right, the evil illness will get around it BUT that's no reason not to try. You do indeed increase risks by consuming wrong. Sorry, Ken, salt is banned. Take a pinch of savoury condiment.

I've been looking into alternative sweeteners and while the NHS states clearly there is NO evidence on aspartame etc, they do have reputations. I'm using stevia atm with no apparent ill effects. BUT a balance of exercise (difficult with fibro) and diet we should mostly be ok. It's not that simple or we'd all be healthy, wouldn't we?

Your exercises are good and do as much as you can but not too much. You're not training for a marathon, only keeping the joints and muscles in tone.

I don't believe in so called "superfoods", the people who advocate them are usually the producers.

Basically cook from fresh (frozen is ok) without additives. How many tv recipes are swamped in salt, cram, oil and fat to make them tasty?

Paleo diet is probably what our bodies are built for but is it really practical, and there are micro nutrients missing in it.

I'm currently eating one of my Wildlife Trust's cows. No additives or antibiotics, grass fed, freedom to roam, positively spoilt and low fat content, high protein. delicious and nutritious. I also have 3 vegetarian days a week. I don't quite fast but maybe a compromise might help. Keep us posted on how you get on. :)


Not really a diet, but I am very sensitive to artifical colouring ie blue/purple drinks, dark colours in icing. The other seems to be if I have a lot of suger in drinks.


Swap the word diet for healthy eating as diet implies a short term fix Eating fresh food is key.

I agree with Fenbadger about supervisors they are fads like fashion here in media today then forgotten The only things I eat which others may consider are paschitio nuts a snack,

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds on my cereal daily.

A good friend who trained in nution told me about those to boost some trace minerals in my eating Its not a cure it just helps with muscles!


Hello fibro mates! It seems we're all in the same shoes.

I can tell what helped me feel better and ease the pain:

1. supplements of omega3 and vitamin D

2. supplements of curcuma with pepper

3. supplements of magnesium with B6

4. Aloa Vera

5. Infusions of green tea and ginger

6. Food I avoid: tomatoes, all wheats, yeasts, peaches, strawberries, pork meet, dairy.

Fried food. All sugars.

7. Food to limit: salmon, tuna fish, mushrooms.

This is what helped me to leave the painkiller palexia that I was taken on a daily base. Now only periodically.

I'm also using a fantastic gel made with herbs that was a real discovery.

It's called Pferdegel (Horse gel); I'm not sure if you have it in USA but you can find it on internet.




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