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Hiya to all the lovely fibrettes that replied to my blog. I was hoping that I hadn't upset anyone with anything I said, but thankfully I don't seem to have done! Phew! Thanks for all your tips too re lavendar oh and the meditation cd. I do use laromatherapy oils in burners and I also was lucky enough to get a meditation cd from a psycho guy I was seeing for cognitive behavioural therapy. Basically with the one I have its a case of breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth but on the breathing in bit you start at your toes and tense them and then when you breath out you release them. You do your toes and each part of your body twice ending by tensing everything together. Sounds daft but it works. Well for me anyway,. The first two weeks I listened to it I was asleep in about ten minutes never got to the end of the cd but now I have now had it but on my ipod. Another fabulous little toy which is very handy for when you are feeling poorly. Might be worth a go, I do have days when I find with my fibro but sometimes I just tell myself and whoever is asking that I cannot do whatever it is and just go to bed or just curl up wherever I am and go to sleep. I am a bit odd, well very odd but in a funny ha ha kind of way, never really been normal like anyone else! Ha! I do strange things like getting one of my many ex boyfirends to massage my arms that feel like they are made of stone in the middle of a restaurant with me sobbing my heart out while he does it but I know that afterwards my arms will feel soooo fantastic for months. Massage yourself with someting that smells nice if you have no one to do it for you.

Anyway I have had a good day today, took my Mum to visit her family and friends 100 mile round trip then chatted to few people and filled a form in I was supposed to do over a week ago and hand delivered another 26 mile round trip. For those of you that drive, if you have the chance to change your car, as I just have done, try a Toyota Prius hybrid automatic or another type like this., It doesn't have a gearbox like a normal automatic car and if you can afford to get a T Spirit one it has a camera so that you can see what is behind you when you are reversing and sat nav and blue tooth phone and air conditioning and few extras. Bit luxurious to say the least but I was suprised to find that they do them on Motability though I haven't had one through that. Its soooo easy to drive and I have done 500 miles on £60 of petrol which compared to my last petrol guzzler is flipping amazing.

Re ibs - have a look at what you are eating, wheat in lots of things, not just bread, oranges, tomatoes, ice berg lettuce, cheese, coffee, dairy products. Everyone seems to have different triggers and of course the good old favourite stress. Some of which you just don't realise you are suffering from. Cant rememeber what its called, but sure you know what I mean.

Please please try the Arnica gel. I am rambling again sorry I must go to bed as I have got work tomorrow. I am a lucky lady though as I work in a hydrotherapy unit which amazingly I just decided to take the job cos it sounded nice and I felt better when I was warm! I didn't know I had fibro then!

Nite nite and hope the weather warms up wherever you are and your pains subside. x

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Hi glad youy getting yourself sorted out and thanks forthe tipabout the car although i cannot afford to change mine or get a nobility car i am sure there are many people whom will b very glad of that recommendation

many thanks jill xxx


Il try th3 arnica gel.woys what sounds super.take it abit slower today.x


good point: arnica. am covered in bruises yet again. it's a mystery how I come by them!

wish I was entitled to a mobility car, but sadly am not. am selling my car as I need the pennies :-(


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