Anyone else find routine medical procedures excrutiatingly painful?

This would include, ears syringing (it was agony when I went), smears (cannot have them), blood pressure checks (couldn't cope with the automatic one, strangled my arm and had to insist on manual one) and blood tests. I have avoided having a mammogram though I'm of that age. Do other people have this? I also have a huge fear of going to the doctors for things like this.

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  • Everything is just so painful.

  • Yes I find any medical procedure uncomfortable. I have cancelled dental check-ups as my jaw hurts, I've also cancelled smear tests as I get days where everything hurts. However, I have re-made my smear appointment as I have convinced myself that a little discomfort is worth it to know I am ok and safe from cervical cancer. The dentist can wait a while yet lol! :)

  • Hi, I find smears agonizing and when I had my coil fitted I fainted with the pain, (Im sure up until that point they thought I was being a big baby) Then spent 2 days in bed and the rest of the week in pain. Dental work is a nightmare as the anesthetic doesnt seem to work the way it should and I have been reduced to tears when forced to carry on despite still being able to feel the pain.

  • i have avoided cervical smear. I have same prob with the BP cuff it gets to a point where i am about to say stop but usually its enough to get a reading. Im due a jaw op sometime soon and am worried that my body will have a major reaction but I am willing to go through it as there is a small part of me that is saying it may helpin the long run . fingers crossed :)

  • well this is intresting, i never thought to connect my painful smears to my fibro, and also like jules58 i have tmj which i have a gum shield for and dosulepin 75mg , its funny how many things i have connected with fibro since i found this site!!! its amazing.x.

  • Thanks so much for your replies. A friend of mine (who doesn't have fibro as far as she knows) had never had problems with smears but then she had a massively painful one, so she knew what I was on about. I never associated it with fibro because I had my one and only smear in 1989 and that was excrutiating and I wasn't diagnosed with fibro until two years ago. My doctor did try and give me a smear last year but she couldn't complete. But being diagnosed with fibro made me wonder about all this abnormal reaction to procedures which other people seem to find unpleasant but not to the same degree.

  • My smears got harder and harder to do and I would be crying out with the pain. Turned out I also have Vulvodynia. But I had to go into hospital for my last smear for a GA as I'd had so many abnormal ones but couldn't bear to be looked at.

  • Ah, I've heard of Vulvodynia, Spirit. Sounds very painful.

  • Yes i find routine medical procedures painful, even going to the dentist hurts i realy cant bare them to be cleaned as the scrapping hurts like hell. I thought i was a wimp till i read this, i honestly didnt make the conextion. I had a hyserectomy 4 yeares ago, i felt like i was dying, i had to give up my job as a kitchen assistant as even after 9 months i couldn't lift a heavy pan. Im with the same company but a lighter job, in a few weeks time im having the remaining ovary, cysts and possibly part of my bowl removed im dreading it.

  • Hi ichelle, oh tell me about the teeth-cleaning at the dentist! It's the worst thing when they poke about with that scraper thing, it makes me wince. I think it's our heightened experience of pain that makes it so unbearable for us and the thing is many nurses, dentists, doctors etc just don't realize. Hope all goes well with your ops and maybe explain to them. I always say how nervous I am but maybe I need to say the fibro makes me experience pain more and raise awareness at the same time!

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