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Thanks - heart felt understanding!

Hi thanks for the replies re loss of feeling - I have so much understanding for all of you kind people who came back to me. I know where some of you are coming from - had FM/CFS for ove 20 years now & docs are impressed I'm stillwalking around - don't they realise yet that as a female we ARE the stronger sex??!!! Yes, I've fallen soooo many times that I reckon they should rename me Weeble..... yep, have been checked out as well - had DVT in right leg, 2 prolapsed discs and have bben told that lumbar discs are 'degenerating' and that because of my age (52!!!!!), it's not worth doing anything taking into account I have FM and don't work anmore (only because 'they' won't let me) - between the lines - if I had money to go private, it would be a differenct matter. Then, yes - you get the attitude that because you smil, laugh and look healthy, then how could there anything wrong with you?*****@@@@!!!!! I'm still fighting after all this timeand yes, I do use a chair sometimes and yes, have many sticks and also cruthes and a walker in the boot of my car as well as having touse an automatic now, but KEEP FIGHING all you lovely people - we know how we feel and if some of those insensitives who only bring choc and flowers when they can see we're 'not well' had a portion of our daily lives - well, where would we be?

Bythe way - Diddle I tink it is - as regards the broken feet feeling/pain - yes, I kniow what you mean. On waking and standing every time, I almost fall ove as i is excruciating and you are grabbing anything to bear the pain of weight on those tootsies. I've dicovered not only crocs, but now TrimSoles as well as Avon footwear. They are brill - so comfortable to wear, the pain is almost non-existant to stand and walk - please try to get a pair - you'll be amazed - I now have 3 prs of Avon slippers, loads of crocs in many styles and now 2 pars of trimsole flipflops (like boats but who cares) and now invested ina pair of boots that aregreat and furry lined so brill for my dead and cold leg. Do give these a go if you have that awful pain that you can't desribe that goes from the sols/heels thr to the ankles and all over - they are the best footwear around to cushion you - like extra suspension to give a better ride.

Anyway, off to finish my cuppa and then try to make husband realise that when the doc said no dishes and cooking due to my wrist, tehn thsi time, I really am not doing them!!!!

Love to all of you, roll on the better weather and go away thunder - plays havoc!!! Tess xxxx

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What a great post about keeping fighting! you're so right - we have to keep going. Hope you have a good rest of the day - I got less than two hours sleep last night so going to bed soon for a doze!

Gentle hugs, Tracy xx


great post tess i also have had a rough nite i live with my parents looking after them as they r eldely n unwell ,dad is in bed today with his vertigo bless hin my knees hips r killing me goin up n down stairs looking after him but i dont mind.we just keep plodding on dont we ? gentle hugs to u Tofty xxx


hi what an inspiration you are to us all bless you and thanks for the tip on foot wear bless your heart you go an sit down and for god sake dont read my blog it woo hoo thundwer lol i love it bring it on so itmay upset you sorruy love to you diddle x


Wow Tess what a wonderfully positive post I am like you, feel like s@@t but keep smiling and laughing at myself the perpetual clown and people look at me and maybe think I don't look as well as I did but oh my if only thry could step into my shoes for a day, especially when its an excruciaingly painful day and one where you really are struggling to keep your eyes open.

Soft Hugs x x x Sue


Good to hear there are other fighters out there - I reckon instead of always hearing about these 'new' special days like national Sausage Day etc, etc, there should be a National Fibromite Day - then we could all get together and shout loud and long at all those who need educating or should I say the world? Hey ho - just got husband out of the house to go to a possible job offer - 3 months and still believes he can't find anything - just want to shove a stick of dynamite under him, so now can breath for a couple of hours - now the cats have all woken up so here I go again....... Took all day nearly to get round to the shower - try washing long hair with one hand then I didn't even get an offer from him to dry or detangle it - s@d! Still - looks wild and unkempt - Kate Bush style - that'swhat I'm calling it from now on! Have a good night all - I'm going to eat the bag of mini eggs that have looking at me for a while - and I'm NOT going to share them!!! Love to all - candles and incense are waiting! xxxxx


Hi Tess, just remember the saying, "Weebles wobble but they don''t fall down". I know you may fall occasionally but keep strong and keep that great attitude. Enjoy the eggs and I don't blame you for not sharing. Speak again soon, love Angela xx


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