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Hi Folks, it was my 46th Bday yesterday and I had a nice meal with my mum n sis in day and in between torrential rain it was lovely and sunny. In the evening I went for an indian meal with my close belly dance teacher friend and we a complete stranger (guy) whose train had been stopped by a fallen tree was asking us about the restaurant and the town where he was etc. Well my friend and I are like a couple of teenagers when we haven't got together for a while and we both have the energy. The guy thanked us for chatting to him shook our hand and left, or we thought he had, then he came back gave us a receipt and said its been such a pleasure, cos we had been having a laugh with him, my friend speaks 5 languages, he asked if I did. I said I had a degree in bullshit! Anyway I am rambling, but he paid for our meal!!!!! How nice was that?! My friend said you can't do that, he just smiled and left. Hope you don't think I am bragging just wanted to share with you that there are still nice people out there who just do lovely things. Wouldn't it be nice if more people just did a little something for someone unexpectedley? I have a couple of things bit like mantras that I say to myself everyday and one is even if I am afraid of trying or doing something, will it kill me? If not just give it a little go. The other is every day, to make a difference to someone else's life. I'm sure you all know that when you do something nice and feel happy eat chocolate etc you get a rush of endorphins that make you feel good. This also helps with pain. It really does. Its hard but why don't you try it? I don't go gym very often and sometimes just for ten minutes but it does help me to relieve the pain.

Arnica is sooooo good for my pain, I get SBC's arnica bath soak and gel and if you don't like it you can return it for a full refund, you just pay for postage,

Please talk to your GP re test for vit D defiency, I am sooo deficient in it and when I miss my Calcichew tabs it makes such a difference. Also look at what you eat every day, try changing one thing for few weeks. My triggers are wheat in certain things, like cheap bread, cheap pizzas, some cakes n biscs, even drinks and choc can have wheat in. Oranges, or orange juice or cordial, and cooked tomatoes,.

Anything you fancy doing that makes you laugh mine was Belly dancing, I was and am not tooooo good at it but laugh! I help my friend with classes and involve some elderly ladies to join in and am exhausted but happy at end of it.

I do work and the other blogs about us all being individual are soo true. I look well some time and some times I look sooo exhausted and it is so hard to try to have anything left for me to have a life too. I am trying to think bout me more but I feel selfish in doing so sometimes. But we all have to look after ourselves first so we can do anything else we have to.

Nite nite

Gentle hugs

Ruby x

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wwell how lovely was that of the man to pay for your meal you obviously made his day and cheerede him upand he could afford to pay for it so dont worry what a lovely gesture lol it must have been your degree in bullshit that really impressed him and me too am so impressed lol oh well glad your birthday turned out one to remember for all the right reasons

love to you diddle xxxxx


Hiya Diddle, thanks for lovely reply. Yep people are impressed when I tell em what my degree is in, but not suprised!!! Tee hee! Told him about fibro and said I won't die from it just be bloody miserable with a big smile on my face and burst out laughing, I must admit I do laugh a lot. Had some rough days last week but things are lot better this week. Hope you are well and happy, big hugs n luv Ruby x


Belated Happy Birthday all though it sounds like you had a brilliant one! So pleased for you :) x gins


Hiya Gins, thanks for reply. Yep it was fun. I do laugh a lot and when I get with my friend we are like a couple of teenagers so we probably cheered him up! Have you ever tried arnica gel for your pain from fibro? Have to be careful tho as don't think it can be used on broken skin. But with that in mind have you tried propolis gel on your skin, as long as you aren't allergic to bee pollen/stings! I buy mine through QVC the company that makes the gels is called SBC have a look at it and read the reviews see what you think. You sound lovely and cheery. Keep well and happy. Can't put a smiley face cos I don't know how! Ha ha Ruby x


hi RUBY51,

Belated Happy Birthday to you. xx

Well!!! how wonderful, what a kind gentleman and what a gesture, you and your friend obviously impressed him with your company and kindness, restores your faith in humanity a bit. I'm so glad you had a lovely day. something like that completely out the blue leaves happy lasting memories. some peoples pass through our lives and do that...leave an indelible mark. yippee for you xx

True, we do have to look after ourselves, not easy at times though, everyone of us should make "me" time..because we deserve it. We struggle often and find it hard to cope, but cope we must try to do, as best we can.

so sit back, take ten and blow the time...keep out lol.

Take care

Jan xxx


Hiya Jan, thanks for your kind and happy message. You do sound short n sweet, just like me, Im only 5ft 4! Don't find many big diamonds do they?! I must admit I do have a lot going on with work and my mum n two sisters that are ill too but I usually get through it somehow. So flipping hard to find time for yourself tho but go through phases of being rubbish at it then bril. Never posted blogs before til I found this site and strangely enough it does help me a lot. Well apart from when I feel guilty for not being as ill as everyone else! Ha sometimes I think theres no hope for me! Hope you are well and happy and thanks for replying. Hugs Ruby x


Hi Ruby,

Good suggestions will try the arnica gel afraid the other one wont work on me as I am super sensitive to Bee/ wasp stings I go the full bundle with anaphlactic shock the lot - not nice- so I talk to bees and strangely it usually works an they buzzz off out of the house. ( now to put smiley faces on find the tab : then put a bracket around ) the smiley face will appear as if by magic :) :) take care x gins


Hi Gins, thanks for reply, oooo you poor thing re bees n wasps. That must be hard for you to keep safe. I got stung couple years ago four times in couple days! :) Thats the best I can do for a smiley face! C no hope!!! Ha ha. Ruby x


Lovely blog Ruby. Belated Birthday wishes sounds like you had a brilliant day. Can't afford to try many different things but laughter is the best medicine so keep it up xx


Hiya Lynn, Thanks for your reply. They do have some special offers on qvc sometimes and the beauty of it is that if you don't like it you can send it back. Is there anyone else you know with fibro near you that you could split the cost with?

I would happily send you some if not but I don't know how we would go about getting in touch with each other without telling everyone your email address etc? I can get by on a computer but these blogs and things are a bit new to me! Ha. They do sometimes sell it on ebay too but in smaller bottles it works out more expensive and you can't return it but I honestly don't know anyone it hasn't worked for yet! Have you had your vit D tested? I know my body doesn't retain it whatever I do and am supposed to take two calcichew tablets a day but am rubbish at taking them but when I do, my pain does decrease. Also pain is sooo much worse when I don't sleep but thanks to escitalopram I do sleep pretty good. Keep smiling x


That is so sweet, not sure if i could use it as i have ecsthma, will look into that. I have just got my tribunal date so as long as i win i'll have a bit more money. Just had blood test done fot vit d see dr next week for results x


Hiya Lynn. Sori but if you have got broken skin with your eczema you cant use the arnica gel but as long as you aren't allergic to bees?! you could get some Propolis gel first or maybe in a kit with the propolis. The propolis is what the bees use in the hive to keep Queen Bee well its fabulous and will heal cuts burns grazes etc but eczema too! Of course you will win your tribunal, well i really hope you do, should do. If only these blimming everyday painfree people knew what fibro pain was like! Ta for replying and keep smiling :) Ruby x


Thanks for the info Ruby, will look into the propolis xx


belated birthday wishes Ruby! I've used arnica since QVC began and adore it!

the bath soak i also good to add to a bowl of hot as you can stand water for hands lower arms and feet. A bonus is that if u soak a towel in it, you can put in on parts that won't fit in a bowl ! use a binbag or open out a carrier bag and place over the towel, then put a dry towel over the top to keep the heat in - bliss! of coarse it's less messy if :-

a] someone can wring most of the water out;

b] don't add too much water in the 1st place;

c] can wrap the towel around a joint then put into the carrier.

Bonus - you can still soak other bits in bowl at same time!

I used to have a carer assisted bath and always added the bath soak. After a different carer had been, the next day the agency rang to ask what was in the water - thinking oh no "where there's blame, etc... she eplaind that the carerwanted to buy it immediately. apparently she'd slept well for the first time in months after breaking her wrist. How's that for a blind test! I'm wonderring whether to post this as its own blog to help those who miss it here?

regards, sandra


Hiya Sandra, thanks for reply and for info re arnica yep hadn't thort of this I just usually rub the gel in as I'm bit lazy but also I don't sit still long enough most of time for the way you suggest. But I will bear it in mind, thanks. Yep I think you should post it as a blog for those who might miss it. Hugs Ruby x


Morning Runy your smiley face worked keep it up hun :) you sound such a lovely person :)

Have a good daya x gins


R thanks Gins. Took my Mum n sis to Southport today. Absolutely whacked but happily as it was nice just took longer to get there and back than we spent there but never mind :) Hope you had a good day too Ruby x


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