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Had a good meeting with occy health. Doc was impressed with the way I’m not letting fibro take charge without a fight. Impressed also by my “knowledge”. Most of which has come from you guys. Things you say have explained an awful lot of what’s been happening to me over the last year or so. So from someone wanting me to cut down on work, I’m staying as I am at the moment. This will be reviewed in 2 months. It’s still a case of playing with meds to see what works and other things actually, but reading other posts and questions I’m not necessarily hopeful of complete control and only starting along the long and winding road.

Scaling back activity seems a good idea but it doesn’t mean I have to give up everything. It’s a shame DWP don’t see it the same way. If I can do voluntary work I can do paid work, but with voluntary work I can stop as often and as long as I need to and go home when I need to. With the best will in the world this doesn’t work at work.

So a big thank you all for your help. :D :D :D :D

Despite my continual silliness something has sunk in :P

Had trouble choosing a photo but like this one of Dean Forest Centre's display of long case clocks. So what were my eyes drawn to?

Love you all and hugs all round.

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:) Night Paul see you tomorrow hugs sue


Hi fenbadger

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? I am so pleased that the meeting went so well. It almost feels like you are in control of the situation which is the way it should be!

I really hope that in 2 months time that you get exactly what you want and not what somebody else is dictating to you

Take care my friend



The mouse and his house. He is looking for our marbles surely.


He'll be there a while trying to find mine :p


Pass mine over when you see them. Is it dangerous to boing on marbles? :P :P


Yep! dangerous and painful so when I lose them it hurts :o


Hi Paul,

Really glad it went so well. Keep doing what you're doing. The longer you can stay in charge of it the better! I managed 5 years of full time work after diagnosis, and even then I wonder if I hadn't been struck down with Meningitis, whether I'd have kept going for a couple more years. Sadly that pesky meningitis was my undoing, there was no bouncing back from it.

I love the mouse and mouse house! Has it even got a little door on it? My eyesight isn't what it was? I wonder what goes on in there when the exhibition closed for the day. There is probably a real family of mice living inside :D



Hehehe. the mouse must be clever. It's making a bolt for the door :P :P

I just loved that little touch. The people there were really nice and friendly.

I'd taken my daughter out for the day to make best use of the Royal Wedding.

Roads were empty and everywhere we visited was quiet.

Still didn't avoid the wedding, they let us watch it in the office before letting us loose in the visitor centre :D :D


Is that the Forrest of Dean Visitor's Centre?

If so, I haven't been since I was around 9 or 10 yrs old :)


Ooh yes it is :) No the mouse wasn't carrying anything. Luckily I had a close up I could check. It puts a smile on many faces. They have a chainsaw sculptor there now. I'll send some shots soon. Warning one of them is a giant spider but it's so good you have to see it. :P :P


What is that? I whatever it is it is carrying something in it's mouth :o

I am so very pleased for you and goes to show what a wonderful place that we have here and yes, despite the silliness serious things are heeded too. :) ;) :)

Extra warming fluffies infused with sunshine

:) xxxsianxxx :)


That's a mouse!?!

Of course it is................... I now have my specs on :p

Hickory Hickory Dock and all that


Not 'alf to both of those Sian. Thanks :D


I never noticed the mouse. well it was late last night and It seemed an odd picture to post. Then looking through all your replies I kept thinking "what blooming mouse, Have I finally lost it,or has everyone else been trying out a new drug that makes everyone see mice," So I went back to the picture and guess what. I found a mouse phew that was a relief. I am still only half mad :P sue


Morning sue :)

I couldn't believe it was a mouse :o so you're not alone :p

Even my OH said it was a mouse :o

Come on I'll boing us over to Specsavers :D LOL


Last nigth my brain just suddenly stopped working between one entence and the next. Fastest fog I ever had, real peaouper and as you can see it still hasn`t cleared sue Oh the reply above took longer to correct than it didto type


That made me snort! LOL hahaha

I have that problem all the time sue without the fog, i have co-ordination problems which suddenly make me have bouts of dyslexic typing :O

It took so long to type something the other day when we were playing that the game had moved on so much I stopped typing :p


Oh ho. I get that too. I've had 20+ emails from HU with notifications of replies. Staying ahead of the spellchecker is a mammoth task. :P :P

Don't know if its the fog or plain impatience. I am prone to typos. :P :P


Dyslexia lures ko?


Hello Fenbadger,

Hope you don't mind but I wanted to pick up on your comment about Fibro being progressive, this is actually a common misconception.

Unfortunately it is not unusual that, without effective treatment, someone with Fibro will get worse over time. However, Fibro is not a medically progressive condition where it would get worse no matter what and you can also improve, no matter how severe the Fibro is. A comprehensive and accurate diagnosis and getting effective treatment are key. To get these, most people with Fibro in the UK need to educate themselves and become expert patients. (Lindsey Middlemiss, Founder /Trustee/Director of FibroAction)

Here's the link where you can find this passage;

I hope you find it interesting

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Ouch. Thanks, Emma ad no apology needed. I hate labouring under illusions so thanks for pointing that out. :P . We'd better tell the originator of the post - oh, it's that Badger person.

I've suitably edited if you'd like to cast your eye over again.

Gives rise to the question "is it possible to use italics or bold?"

That gives me tremendous hope. I'd got that erroneous idea from talking to others but I suppose it's the old adage of "catch it early on". I hope we have. And as long as my GP stays we can work together on this. I might push for more physio just to help.

I've had to back off the Railway because I cant turn my head or raise my arms or push/pull levers as well but Wildlife Trust is fine with my taking things slowly.

Try to listen to Desert Island Discs on Friday. The person had some interesting ideas about patients who fight - or not. It's not a scientific paper but he speaks from a lifetime of ICU experience.

Ps I'm nearly ready to report on PMR. Interesting results. Just want to confirm a couple of things. I've been doing it long enough to eliminate most significant variations.

Pps. My loopiness was always there. It has no association with fibro, unless you can prove a genetic disposition :P :P


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