can someone help

hello sorry to ask but as how i cant get an appt with the doctor but this is going into two weeks now i am so tierd and also still in pain is this right it should be lasting this long?? my mum seems to think im pretending and being lazy when she just spoke to me on the phone earlier im also very foggy and tearfull cause i cant think straight :( is this right????? how long has it been with other people ?? hugs alexandra x

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  • hi alexander sorry to hear your in so much pain if you want an appointmentment with your own doc it can b that long but you should b able to get one with another doc at same pratictis sooner than that i would ring them bac and tell them you need to c some one today i no what you mean about other people not understanding how you feel but everyone on hear dose thats y i like this site so much let me no how you get on with doc x

  • thanku demelza unfortunately the doctor i see is the only one who understands fibro the others in the practice are what i call past there sell by date and would proberbly call me lazy too! how long is the longest time uve ever had these setbacks??? ive forgotten the term used sorry x

  • hun ive had flare ups lasting over 2 months!!! on average mine last 4 weeks but after each one, im never quite as good as before the flare x

  • so this is normal then i just wanted to know as this is the first bad one ive ever had and i feel crazy and also feel i should be pulling myself together but when i try i.e simply having a bath or loading the dishwasher i feel like ive got that run a marathon feeling and have to lay down again:( so do i just go with the flow or keep trying to do stuff? these are the questions i want to ask the doctor!!! xx

  • Yes you are normal it's a b... This fibro, and don't take hings to much

    To heart your Mum does not understand like a lot of people trouble is

    With fibro although you may look tired apart from that you will look well

    Maybe you need to get some information and ask her to read it,if it's a flare

    You have you should begin to feel a bit better but the pain never goes

    Completely but you will get to live with it,

    I think most of us would say that the lack of energy and being so tired

    Is just the worst, just do small amounts of things and then have a rest

    Pace your self .

    Let's hope you have a good doc

  • thankyou vivien for your help x and i hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  • Hi Fairytails, if you are unable to get an appointment with the GP of your choice why not ask for them to ring you back. I often do this with my GP as she only works part time and it works well for me. Also because she knows me so well she is often happy to prescribe medication for me without seeing me. Hope you are feeling better real soon tho, take care, Angela xx

  • That's a great suggestion Ang! At my surgery we have ring back appointments and if after speaking to you the Doctor thinks you should come into the surgery then an appointment can be made. Hope it works out well for you Fairytails. Also sometimes we have to stress an urgency to get an appointment sooner rather than later, it might be worth a try! :)

  • I think that it is most important that you get over to the doctor just how bad you feel, mentally as well, this illness makes even the most happy people ,feel depressed, it wears you out in every way, I am lucky to have a Doctor ,who is new to the practice, who knows that fibro is very real and has told me that i do well to get to the surgery , the way i am feeling, also when you feel so bad , it is difficult to get over just how bad you feel, we know that fibro is real, who would want to make up such a terrible illness ? with love

  • I agree with Angela & LibbyDe. Sounds like your dr. is the most popular, but you really cant go on & on like this it's not fair! I believe part of a job description for dr receptionist is to be able to without pity turn into real dragon at the drop of a hat (or ring of the phone). You probably dont have the energy for a fight, a telephone call should not be too much to ask for My surgery works that system, never been a problem. Good luck xx

  • they is no time on it huni most suffers struggle every day , i sometimes (not often) wake up and think i feel like i have had a a goodnights sleep, as ya feel light headed, you move to get up and boom you are in the fog the tearfulness, the pain and whateverelse it punishes you with that day, you are normal chuck, all i would advice is don't push yourself rest asmuch as you can, i would also print as much information off for your mum on fibromyalgia i was reading someones own words how they felt n tried to describe their pain and how they felt by the spoon effect i would also get your family to read as it is spot on , look after yourself huni and please try not to worry xxx ((((gentle hugss)))) Teresa xx

  • some one on here said to read the spoon therory best thing i have done, my mum read it and said sorry and is more understanding now. as people say some flares can last few days to week or longer it hard but take it easy as mch as you can, and listen to your body

  • thankyou all hope ur having lovely weekends xx

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