ESA Please can someone help ?

Please can someone help me with ESA question !!!

I have been ill for nearly 3 years now and have been claiming ESA as I have been unable to work. I have been sending in sick notes from my GP as from the start of my claim and am still doing so now. In this time I have never been asked to attend work related meetings and have had no contact whatsoever with the DWP.

I began to worry when my health took another rapid turn downhill so I contacted my local job centre to ask if I had been forgotten as I'd not heard from them. They were totally surprised and they said they would contact me later that day to tell me what was going on.

Surprise Surprise they told me that an Atos Medical was arranged for the following week.

As my health is chronic my GP asked for the Atos Medial be performed in my own home as I rely on my 'Lifeline' pendant for help.

The medical took place on 5th August. It was short.

6 weeks later I have still not heard anything from anyone.

My questions are:-

1. Is this normal to be overlooked for 3 years?

2. If I pass the medical do I get any backdated ESA for the past 3 years as I have only been recieving the usual £71 per week.

3. How long before I hear something from them and who should I contact to get some updates.

Thanks Sal

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  • first nothing surprises me with dwp

    it is unusual but not that unusual

    second. it takes 8 weeks for them to even look at your claim, then a decision is made, it then goes somewhere else and they decide how disabled you are, then it goes somewhere else for them to sort out the money and where its going to be paid. this can take anything up to 8 to 10 weeks., so im guessing you have another 2 to 4 weeks before you hear anything.

    call the esa helpline i will find the number for you but give me a few moments as im stoned on morphine lol im a tad slow this morning.

    but before i do that, good luck with everything and dont let them fob you off they are great liars and will pass you from pillar to post telling you different things till you feel like your mad. just accept thats how they work and halve everything they tell you by adding times etc if that makes sense, like one will tell you 10 days 1 will tell you 5 add them and halve it. ok makes sense to me now lol

    hugs xx

  • . How to claim

    The quickest way to apply for Employment and Support Allowance is by phone.

    Call the contact centre

    Contact centre

    Telephone: 0800 055 6688

    Textphone: 0800 023 4888

    Welsh language telephone: 0800 012 1888

    Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

    Find out about call charges

    there you go and good luck xx

  • 8 weeks on .... still heard nothing. Thanks for your help though !

  • Hi widget60 my name is Carol I've been on esa since November last year you are initially on it for 13 weeks then you are supposed to be assessed but due to back log it can take months my esa appointment it tomorrow I'm worried about it I get pip but that doesn't mean they can't ask me to look for work (I already have employer) I will follow your post and let you no what they say to me I think you will here off them within the next couple of weeks not sure over back pay that may come up tomorrow take care hun and try not to worry as that makes things worse ☺x

  • thank you bam for the extra info. i can only go on what i went through from march to june. i hate them all lmao but they do get it sorted eventually. xx

  • Hi Sal

    I think your best bet would be to get in touch with FMA UK's Benefits Adviser Janet. Here are all of her contact details:

    I wouldn't think that it is normal to be overlooked for 3 years, although I do think that it is entirely possible.

    I think that it usually takes around 6 weeks to hear anything, but it does depend upon how much of a backlog there is.

    Wishing you all the very best of luck

    Lu x


  • It varies from area to area, but I had a letter telling me I'd been put in the Support Group three weeks after my assessment. The same day all the backdated benefit was paid into my bank account.

  • I am presuming because of th amount of money you quoted you are in the work related group I am gobsmaked that thy left you three years as that is very unusual. I personally think they had forgotten about you. You contacting them saying that your condition has deteriorated would trigger a new look at your case hence the assessment. I am quoting from the governments own website and it clearly states that if your assessment takes longer than 13 weeks your benefit will be backdated to the 14th week of the claim.

    That your GP has backed you and asked for your assessment to be carried out at home I think can only enhance your claim. Good luck and please let us know how you get on.x

  • From completing forms to reply took 3 months+, I live on the south coast. I was on Incapacity and Severe Disablement and they sent me assessment forms for new benefit to replace the old, ie. ESA. It does not sound to me as if you are on the correct ESA level for someone with your problems. I'm pretty much housebound too, but I'm getting a lot more. I sent a 'Care Plan' in with my forms and was not required to do a face to face assessment. This was from my GP, and detailed all my health problems, medication, test results and dates. Perhaps worthwhile to talk to the Benefits Adviser on here. Good luck! xx

  • Hi my friend

    I can see that you have been given some wonderful replies so I will simply and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi the same happened to me when I was told by a rheumatologist I had fibromyalgia along with a lot more I got in touch with DWP as I excepted to have my money increased I was send for a assessment on 19th July just received letter to say I've been cut of that I'm fit for work I've now to start appeal I don't know how I'm going to cope with all this extra stress on top of not sleeping and in pain I hope yours works out ok

  • Hi hun i had my esa this morning apparently I should of received a former to fill in which I have not so I have to wait for that and then wait for medical three stages of esa

    1 they stop it altogether

    2 they help you find work

    3 esa indefinitely but everyone has to have a medical

    My esa is stopping in November as my oh works I won't get anything until I have medical results hope this helps hun it's all I got today xx

  • Hi yes they stopped everything have appointed this morning at job centre I have put in a appeals hopefully I get mesa back

  • Fingers crossed for you hun hope it all works out ☺

  • Thanks

  • I waited about 18 months for my Atos medical assessment. This meant l didn't get the full amount for my benefits. Had to wait for back payment.

    Completely disorganized

  • This morning after 10 weeks (to the day) of waiting for my results of the health medical....I have been put into the 'Support Group'. As from my next payment date my benefits will be at the higher rate. Nothing said though about any back dated payments for the last three years of waiting and being overlooked.

    Thanks for all your replies.

  • I have been on ESA for at least 3 years and am in the support group.Never had a medical or face to face assessment

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