Woo hoo ive lost ten pounds in four weeks

I cant beleive how well my diet going got a long way to go yet..but im so proud of myself...im so happy its coming off as at first it didnt...so my advice to you is dont give up...the first two weeks lost nothink .just pee alot..now its stead progress and so easy...was shocked the morning..another 4pounds than thats a stone...than that will be seven bags of sugar..my secret is think sugar..2pound a bag simple lol. Thought i share my good newsxxx even ate a cheese sandwich...as a treat and still lostxxx

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  • Well done you. Which diet is it? I'd be happy if I lost 2 pounds a month ! Must really try and start my diet soon as wedding to go to in August.

  • Its my own diet just cook meals freeze them one main meal aday with breakfast weetabix with water bannana heniz tom soup bread of 99 calories my intake is 1400 calories aday...snack on fruit nuts...my main meal five veg and third protein meat...potoes in moderation...cheese on moderation...but dont deprive yourself if hungry eat...omellette of mushrooms with bread one slice no butter ..

    easy hun xx hope ive give you some good tips feel free to askxxx

  • Absolutely wonderful news shows what persistence can do. Love someone who still works in pounds as I can understand the weight loss when people say kg Iam lost. I always think of it as bags of sugar as well. I think as you say is not to cut out everything you love as that is when people give up and binge. They day a little if what you fanct does you good.

    Tip I gave to a friend who adores cheese is to buy extra strong chedder then you get the taste hit but you can't eat so much of it. If the plate of good looks interest ing that is another plus. Keep upthrgood work.x

  • I agree i cook bascic too..eggs are brillant aswell..variety poaching them bread x i eat bread every day giving myself hundred calories too slices aday.. pototoes i love again eat every day but in low moderation..so im eating still what i love..but like you say cut all the sugar out..easyxx no snacks with sugar all natural ...fruit rasions to nibble on...i have one bannana aday SMALL..so thats a big treat for mexx high in potassoum so i dont buy big bannans im hoping to lose 2pound aweek for the next four months fingers crossedxx

  • Well done I'm on the honey and lemon diet and natural yogurt, but well done hun xx

  • Not heard of this one - how does it work?

  • I dont exercise thats the truth..but ive got bags of energy and feel great..im hoping to go swiming in may wen weather better and i can buy a swiming costume...but not yet still feel fat..but hey im winning thats the main objective i suppose didnt think i could do it alone.cant wait to see my mate havent told her im dieting...she be shocked to see me...lol

    .she dead skinny and petite...but im aiming to be more slender.im to big boned to be petite...but watch my space woo hooxx

  • Thank you molly im so happy today wen i looked at the scales...its going down

    .love itxxx

  • That is fantastic! You should be proud of yourself. Losing weight is a nightmare, well it is for me. You really have to want to do it, so you must want it badly. Well done 🐸

  • Yep sure do...thank you...need to get back to how i used to be..happy content.not flab and dreary. Hate my shape im like a lolly pop ..thin legs big belly lol...weebke wobble but i do fall down ha haxxx not for long im on my journey now...and its greatxxxxπŸ˜‰

  • Well done, so pleased for you do keep us posted as it helps others, like me, to stay motivated xx

  • I will hun thanks for your lively comments jyst feel good so i thought i ahare them with you allxxx

  • My diet has no sugar really all natural..thats the secret.no processed all home cooking fresh ingredients..thats my diet simplexxx

  • Well done my friend, that's fantastic news :)

    A huge big hug from meeeeeeee :) xx

    I wish you well x

  • That is absolutely fantastic news! You should be very proud of yourself. Please keep us updated on how you are getting on? I want to sincerely wish you continued success.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • well done xx

  • Thanks it a good start..to new year..got a long road ahead..but hopefully it will be a steady lossxx

  • Dawnii so very proud of you . Excellent super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes we don't realise that sugar is in every hunk even in bread . Sugar is the main culptrite of mamy illness

    I'm on a diet also as next month I getting remarried and trying to loose just 1stone

    I've tryed and tryed but nothing shifting can't excercise as I have chronic fybromyalgia and in constant pain I do a little swimming with my carer .

    But when I hear success stories like your I jump for joy and am so happy for you . Yer keep going darling and achieve your goal .

    πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘ŒπŸΌall for you for being positive .

    Hug hug big Italian hug

  • Arrh thank you my angel...yes im limited like you with my knees so exercise is out of the question...yes i feel im acheiving what i mind set todo...im going forward and its so easy as i guess it must be making me happy ..and lets not forget healthy in myself..im living proof can lose weight without exercise.. im changing my outlook now...its tough going in the first two weeks but after that plain sailingxxx any one can do it...let me knoe if you want any advice as im willing to give my tips to you.....woo hoo dawniexxx

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