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Can someone advise me?

Can someone please tell me why my OH dr has recommended that i see a shrink - does he think I am mad? Had FM since last Oct'11 recently diaganios trying for ill health retirement. OH Dr seems to think that FM will go away in 6 months is he right ? Also he states that my vitamin D level is low and will take the pain away once it increases is that right?

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Hi tenpen, i am no expert but you should not listen to this doctor.

Does OH mean your other half?

I wish it would go away in 6 months. I have had it for a few years and its still here, even though i have tried most things.

Vitamin d levels can make you feel pain and crap but when i found out i had low vitamin d i was so pleased as i said to my gp, well the tablets might make me a little bit better and she said please dont build your hopes up as it wont cure you. And she was right i dont feel much different from being on the vitamin d tablets.

Please dont listen to this doctor, have you got one of your own?

hugs, kel xxx



I agree with jazher fm will not be gone in 6mths I've have chrinic pain syndrome since a teanager which developed into fm, i have learnt to pace myself and seek out supliments like magnesium for cramps as intolerant to quinine,take codliver oil combined with the suppliment beginning with C- if i could make it put of bed i could spell it for you , and found myself a gp who is supportive and DOES know that fm isnt caused by mental health!

I would seek out a different gp who will help you manage fm and perhaps refer you to the pain management unit

good luck and hugs poppy xx


I,ve had fibromyalgia since 2006 and its getting worse day by day some doctors are a joke my gp kicked me off his list cause i was only told in 2009 i,d got it when originally diagnosed 2006 but a locum asked how it was going i complained for not being told got kicked off gp books its horrendous.


hi tenpen,

I've had FM for getting on for thirty years. It doesn't go away in 6 months, it doesn't go away at all...ever. HOWEVER, it can be managed, and if you learn to manage it properly you will have a full and happy life, although you may have a few aches and pains and will no doubt have bad days.

Also, it's not a mental illness. It is a neurological problem that although affects the brain is a physical one, NOT a mental one.

Vit D does help, but you'd probably benefit just as much from going out and sitting in the sun for a while. I always feel better on sunny days!

Please don't be scared by what I've written, it's not all bad, I promise you. If you have any worries, please don't hesitate to send me a private message. Please don't be afraid to ask, there are a lot of people on here who will help you and offer advise if they can.

Please see a GP and ask for a referral to a rhuematologist if you haven't yet seen one, and if you have, ask for a referral to a pain clinic.

I hope this has helped you and hasn't scared you too much, but I would hope you'd rather know the truth about the illness you have.

Much love, Take care of you xxxxxxxxxxx


Hello there Tenpen! If OH means your other half I wonder do you have your own GP?! Clearly this GP is misinforming you in my opinion. If you have your own GP I would advise you to see them and stop seeing the other Doctor. The Doctor you have seen is quite obviously not informed about Fibromyalgia at all with the assumptions he/she is making saying you need to see a Psychiatrist and that your Fibro will disappear within 6 months! I am afraid that doesn't tend to be the case, you may however manage the condition better within 6 months, but he/she isn't likely to know this either. You have been very misinformed and also about Vitamin D too. I have taken this as a supplement for a long time and whilst I cannot honestly say I feel any different, I certainly don't feel any worse for taking it. Vitamin D does not have any benefits for the pain we feel from Fibro either. I am so sorry to tell you all this and I sincerely hope that when you see your own GP you will be reassured on these points and hopefully you will get the meds and support you really need. We are always here for you and for everyone, please feel free to report back and let us know how you are getting on. Take care :) :)


OH can mean 'Other Half' or 'Occupational Health'

Is it a psychiatrist or a psychologist? Either way, they can help with physical conditions - many specialist clinics for conditions like cancer, MS, etc have a psychologist or 2 on the team. Stress is an inevitable effect of having a chronic illness and being stressed or scared can have an impact on physical symptoms.

However, Fibro does not go away in 6 months. It is a chronic condition for which there is no cure. The aim with treatment is to try and manage symptoms as effectively as possible to give you the best quality of life as possible. Some people do achieve remission (I'm one of them), but even then, the Fibro is always there in the background.

Low vitamin D can cause symptoms similar to those of Fibro. It isn't a cause of Fibro but can be mis-diagnosed as Fibro - it is hard to get a conclusive Fibro diagnosis before a vitamin D deficiency is treated in case some of the symptoms are entirely due to the deficiency.


Hi All

Many thanks for all your replys. OH is not my other half but the occupational health doctor working on behalf of my work. My other half is very helpful and trys to understand the reason to why I cannot do things like I use to. Also I have seen a rhuematologist and been diaginosed with acute FM and Vitamin D deficenecy.. My GP is a group practise but I try to see the same dr as he seems to understand FM. I have found it very diffucult to comes to terms with this but I know I will get there in the end.

Thank you all very much!


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