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aaaaarghhh!!! help me someone PLEASE??????!!!!!!

my sister who i find very stressfull to be around, is staying from tomorow for most of week until her new home is sorted (her fault as normal!) already complaining my garage too dirty to store her belongings in!! cheek!!

thursday take my 5 year old daughter to have all her top and most of her bottom taken out under a general as she has a hereditry problem with her baby teeth (my son had same but was older and had already had alot of adult teeth through), she will have 4 bottom inscisors left, i mean, what can she eat!!!! she is having to go to a hospital 45 miles away!! and yes im driving her on my own.

my wonderfull uncle sids funeral is friday morning,

then in few days time i have to drive to bury st edmunds hospital to get mri results and find out if they can do something with me spine!!

and my beautifull children keep trying to kill each other!!

im also in the middle of a nasty flare up, bouts of insomnia, a painfull period, and everytime i do sleep i dream (dont you just love tramadol) xx

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oh bless you what is wrong with your spine love beth xx


last mri showed one bulging and one prolapsed disc and acute degeneration l4 l5 and s1.

this was 12 years ago!

they have done another mri as they think i know have problems with other discs and nerve damage.

will keep you updated x


o.k I have had 2 rods in my back because of my spine being curved now the bottom of my back is now crumbling nothing they can do for me I hope they can help you take care love beth xx


oh Nadine, I am sending you a great big virtual hug! At 5 I had a lot of my front teeth taken out after a nasty fall onto a kerb. looking back at photo's everyone says I looked cute. The Dentist should be able to advise you on what she can eat, give her a hug from me. Your sister's problem is hers not yours. If she doesn't like things, tough! just smile and say "never mind, I'm sure you'll feel better next week" - note the irony here - it's generally what people say to us! of course for us, we don't.




lol if i had a penny for everytime someone said that to me..................... xx


Oh dear Nadine! You sound really in the thick of it, you poor thing. I hope everything settles down soon and that you feel better soon. Make sure you are getting enough rest when you can. Take care :)


thanks hun xx


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