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Well the shed went so i then had to change all the garden around which for a small garden took 3 hours and i had to walk the dog and went to town with my daughter too so that was nice but i am worn out now so had areally lovely soak in the bath and now sitting with my feet up.

the weather today has been wonderful really hot so that was good

hope you all had a lovely day and lovely weather to go with it

love diddle xx

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Diddle, how the heck do you do it!!!! ??/


Sue x x x


Diddle, Don' tt hink I'm being funny, but how do you do all that you do?

your pain t olerance mus be very high. I haven' been to t own for about 4 years now,just couldn' walk around. As for doing the garden - only have to bend down once and end up in agony. Can you please let us know what your secret is. And good on you for getting about the way you do,wish I new what you are taking I'd get some myself. Please don't be offended by my remarks,no offence intended. Would just like to know how you manage it.



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