Went to bed aching and worn out and in so much pain i spent all night trying to get comfy and then i must have finally dropped off for ohhhh at least an hour and half if that only to feel like i had been in the boxing ring with tyson !!!! my whole body is so sore i cant even lift my arms up they hurt(great) so a day of nothing for me , if the sun shine i m gonna go in the garden and sit with my kindle for a bit. I hope that you all had a lovely night and that you have a good day whatever you re doing love to you diddle x

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  • Diddle, I think you MUST HAVE, cos I sure as hell didn't!!! What a life eh? At leastb the sun's shining, I always feel better when the weathers good.

  • lol perhaps its your turn tonight but make sure you wear your boxing gloves lol he a tough cookie love to you diddle x

  • lol will do will have to try skiing instead at night love to you prob be on here later depend how tired i get sitting in the garden getting brown lol love to you diddle x

  • I've got an eye infection and everyone says I look like I've done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!

    Sit in the sun and relax for the whole day. :) Make the most of it. I need a good couple of hours to get my old body moving, I'm so stiff when I get up and now a bit bendy!!! xxx

  • Aw thankyou for that , thats cheered me up i can do something right lol and make others smile so thats always good. love to you and yes been in grden all afternoon lovely love diddle x

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