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Yesterday my dad turned up at 8.30 am with all his decorating gear and made a start on my hall stairs and landing and also my downstairs loo he is painting it all for me then at 1pm my Mum called me to pick her up and go into town to pick all new lights (£) and a new carpet too !!!! how lucky am I well if that doesnt cheer someone up nothing will . I also thought it would be a good chance to use my blue badge, and it was a god send i parked right in the centre of town , i must say after 2 hours i was ready to drop and mum took me to costa coffee for a hot chocolate to revive me a bit but my legs were like jelly and im dont know how i was putting one foot in front of the other, I was absolutely shot to bits when i got home and had a quick snack hot bath and collapsed on sofa. But it did make me smile and cheered me up i am so lucky to have such lovely parents . It helps enoumously when you have their support. love to you all Diddle xxx

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Thankyou will pay for it later though 2 hours in hairdresser chair ouch but there you go hair will look good but body well you know how that will feel ha ha love to you Diddle x

OOOOOOooo I'm green with envy lol. You are indeed a very lucky Diddle. It's just soooo good to hear that there are some good supportive people out there who understand what we go through. I hope you don't suffer for it today though hon, it always upsets me the way we have to be punished for enjoying ourselves :(. Meanwhile you just enjoy all your good fortune cos at the end of the day you deserve it . (Warn your parents that they are likely to be showered with adoption papers from members of this site hehehehe)

Take care and soft hugs xxxx

Lol will tell my mum and dad ha ha they will laugh you all so funny, and yes 2 hours in hairdresser is going to mean rest of day in agony so nice hair crappy achey body lol sorry for that word but cant think of anything else to put lol you enjoy day the sun is glorious here at min and sky is so blue ans all the spring flowers are coming out it really does put smile on your face love to you Diddle x

So wonderful that you have such loving, caring people around you. Take care and enjoy today as best you can x

You deserve it. Your kind comments on here really help.

Morning diddle,

Soooooooooo jealous lol.

I am happy for you hun, I used to do all my decorating and i cant now and its well past needing done and i cant afford anybody to do it. :(

You put your feet up and enjoy hun you deserve it.

kel xxx

Lucky lucky diddle !

That's just the thing to cheer you up :)

(you can send your parents round to me if they have a bored moment :P )

really pleased for you Diddle you have good support :) xx

How good is that, Im so pleased for you, and to top it off your story didn't end with a great big BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww how lovely!! you are so very lucky and of course you deserve it as anyone would with all this going on, all the 'non' sufferers have no idea what it is like day in day out to carry on regardless and just want to drop and after all the brain sometimes wants to do things but you know you can't when you start doing them.. so you enjoy!!!!!! xxxxx

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