garden party ??

hi guys and dolls..

this might sound silly or stupid..

i was wondering with all this rain and cold weather making us feel in pain and not happy..

well i was wondering if we should get a little garden party going you know like a garden chat room where we can go and sit and have a cuppa and cake and talk about how nice our gardens are looking and how nice it is to sit in the garden having a good old chat with the family fibro...

it might purk us up a bit ...

just a thought hugs to you all x

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  • How would we do this Pammy? I am all for being purked up! xgins

  • hi gins i am not sure on how to do this just yet , we need some kind of forum you know, some where we can just talk about other things instead of our condition.

    just thought it might be a good idea to purk us all a little and try to focus on other thing to take are minds of the illness ???? hugs

  • how with fairy lights sound like cool idea...x

  • yes with fairy lights lantens out door heater for the evenings. nice glass of wine and a bbq.. xx

  • I'll bring the food.....fairy cakes etc!!! I think it's a fantastic idea Pammy!! Count me in!!!

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