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So yesterday i went out in the garden at 12 and i sat there in my soft squidgy chair reading my kindle until 4.30 i did get u a couple time and last nighteven after i had my hot soak in bath i felt like i had been run over by a steam roller as if that was not bad enough i woke up this morning

after oh at least hour half sleep and i feel like i have been run over several time s by a steam roller and all his mates !!!!

why is that you are damned if you do too much and damned if you dont !

Not only that you would have laughed if you saw me get out of bad it was a real oscar winning performance, i had to roll onto one side being careful not to fall out of bed then gradually lift myself up onto one arm and swing my legs out well it was a right old palava any way i managed to get up and crawl down the stairs .

love to you all diddle x

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lol glad you have had some visions in your head that have made you smile lol love to you diddle x

I went in three gardens yesterday... the first two I was doing little jobs for elderly ladies who are more disabled than I am, just mowing lawns and a little gentle trimming back, then laid out in mine to read and promptly fell asleep! Had quite a good pain day yesterday which made me feel I could do the jobs, but boy am I paying for it today!!!!!! can hardly walk, and my better half had to hoist me out of bed... Have to clean for a 79 year old lady this morning but will be doing nothing after methinks!!!!

Hope you have a good day girls!! xx

i was a similar this morning ,i feel so tired ,absolutly exhausted infact ,this week is going really slow :(

just want the easter hols to start

have a good day xxxx

MissKittycat in reply to lynz

Hope you feel better soon Lynz - sending you lots of gentle hugs! xxxx


cant wait for sun to start peeping through will get out there today about 12 as my grandson coming his big brother at nursery so we will get paddling pool out if it nice and play in that dont know who is worse me or them lol enjoy your day all love diddle x

Can I come and play in your paddling pool too diddle??? sounds like fun!!

Have a lovely day sweetie xxxxxxxx



yep come on over bring your arm bands and your watering can lol love diddle x

Oh Diddle, that picture you just painted,getting out of bed is exactly how i am in the mornings.

I am also of to the doc this morning, the pain in my calfs is bad, also to try and come off my anti-depressants.

What we dont hear a lot about on here is constipation, had a hell of a morning with it, suppose all the pain killers we take dont help matters, apart from that feel better now. :)

gypsycrafter in reply to annemcc

I used to and still do occasionally , but now have IBS and that improved the 'flow' so to speak! I am on more pain relief than before but realised something this morning - since my medication has been changed from peroxetine to sertraline, i dont get so bloated, less AF, less constipation and no hot flushes!!!! maybe it is all in the meds. xxxx

I used to nurse the elderly and know how to get someone else out of bed, but when it comes to me - well i was a bit like you this morning diddle. felt 90! still bent over now and been up since 7.30! only did a bit of pottering yesterday, but obviously too much. hope you are feeling a bit better than you have of late.

xxx ;)

made me chuckle as i am like that good to hear its not just me that has fun and games just getting out of bed......i needed to smile. thanks..xxxx

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