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hi to you all i am not staying on just popped on to say i am feeling alot better bout 90% so am jus popping on to let you know iwil lbe jus dropping on and of ffor a few days unti li seen GP wed and jus need to keep chilled out fo ra bit i miss al l of you but have read all your blogs jus not up to answering them all at min

my daughters both been here today and my 2 grandsons and my son in law so that was nice they were only her e an hour as it is my gransdsons birthday tomorrow he will be 4 bless i will hopefully go over to see him at some point tomorrow depends how i fee lbut anyway i hope that you are all having areally lovely day and will be back soon look after each other i am now having a lovely hot bath love to you all Diddle xxxxx

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Hi Diddle I am so pleased youare felling alot better, just look after yourself and keep chillin

I hope your Dr appt goes ok

Take care

soft warm hugs



Hi Diddle, glad your getting better hunni. Plz you have had nice time with family :). Good luck at Drs wed. Enjoy your hot bath, and take it easy. Big hug & love to you. Helen xxx


diddle are you fancying cake yet xx


well i just had a piece of carrot cake and also my daughter made some chocolate things they are called woopies with a lush creamy filling i had 2 yummy so must be getting there love to you all diddle xxxxxx


Good news diddle, rest is best : )

A bit of indulgence is good to when your not feeling so good..... a bar of chocolate or a nice piece of cake or a favourite meal or even that lovely soak in the bath.

Love and hugs poppy xx


Keep doing what you are doing Diddle, its obviously working!. Miss your blogs though and will be glad to have you back fit and well. Happy birthday to your little grandson for tomorrow, hope you get to see him.

Take care, love Angela xx


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