Hi thanks for missing me lol i went to london with my sister for day and was messed up so dodbt feellike coming on yesterday i got a new netbook now my wonderful daughter went out yestreday and bought it for me how kind is that bless her heart i am so lucky i got a lovely family and 2 daughters who i am very proud of thety are a real credit to me anyway i am ok just aching all over and paying for my day out but goung tosee my other daughter today and my grandsons then home to see if i can sort this netbook out lool not got a clue my daughter will do it for me later love to you all and cant believe i am such a miss when i dont come on her i dont do nything special but you all miss me ha hga well t is kind anyway love you all diddle xxx

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  • glad ur back Diddle and get that netbook sorted its so quiet without you have fun today

    Lin x

  • You need some fun Diddle rest now and glad your back always read posts if I don't answer them

    Soft hugs xxx


  • Hi diddle,

    Glad to know there was no major problem and you're back

    happy hugs, kate :)

  • Diddle you bring a special 'light' when your on I have always had an image of you with a smilling face maybe because your words seem to smile out at everyone.

    hugs poppy xx

  • Hi Diddle, you are one special lady :) We all miss you when your not on here (: Its right what Poppy-03 says. You always put a smile on my face hun.

    Enjoy your note book, ive got one too. Had it 2 years and no probs. Your daughter is so kind, and like you say a credit to you.

    Have a lovely day. Big hug & loadsa love. Helen xx

  • hi diddle glad ur ok i always read yr posts even if i dont answer aswell ,soft hugs Tofty xxx

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