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well it was a sunny day so diddle decided to call her daiughter even though the pain was at its absolute worst and see what she was up too , nothing was the answer so i packed my doggy and me into the car and drove over to see her and my 2 grandsons , we all walked to the haven holiday camp which is 15 mins from her house and we walked around there for 2 hours the boys went on the park there

we then walked home and got sausage and chips as the sky was by now looking grey and we went to the sweet shop and got sweets too

then when we got back it started to spit with rain so we laid a blanjet down on the lounge floor and had our picnic in the lounge !!! it was lovely

i was in agony but my little grandsons bless them they give me such a boost they really do anyway after arest i decided i had to come home as it is 30 min drive

packed my doggy in car and off we came home rusty is now crashed out on the sofa and i am passed my best to say the least but am now havinfga bowl of porridge and cup of tea

followed by a very hot bath and sit on sofa with my kindle and my back massage and heat pad bliss if i am lucky i may even nod off

so i really was the original driving miss diddle today (but boy am i paying for it0

love to you all Diddle xxx and rusty ( woof woof ) x

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sounds like a lovely day diddle , so glad you enjoyed yourself ,have a lovely bath and nice snooze on sofa ,hugs to you and rusty xxx

yep i will try love to you diddle x

Well done you diddle, you must be exhausted now and I bet Rusty is too !

Porridge is a staple part of my diet , quick and easy and good for you too . Have a comfy and restful evening .



loving the porridge especially when its cold and wet like it is now not so much on hot day but yep now off so will be back sometime tomorrow love to all diddle x

Glad u had a good day Diddle, its suprising a bit of time spent with grand children can give you such a lift.

Hope you have a restful night.

Gentle hugs, From SusanY xxx

What a lovely day, sound great driving Miss Diddle, LOL. Lou x

Well Diddle, you have some lovely memories of today to take with you. No consolation for the pain you are now in but life is short so grab the opportunity while you can. You can always rest up with your pain another day!!.

Love Angela x

Sounds like a great day had by all wonderful

hope you sleep well tonight

gentle hugs


What a lovely day out you had Diddle. What I wouldn't give just to be able to walk over the road to the bus stop. I dont know if it's me but I think I must have a very low pain tolerance as I just cant cope with it and I dont go out at all now. Dont go to the shops, which I loved to do and meet people as It proves too painful, Used to be able to get out more until about 3 years ago, although I have had ME/FM 24 years. Don't think the aging process is help;ing too much either. I do admire you Diddle and long may you continue o get yourself out. One thing in my favour though, I am able to sleep and look forward to my bed, thats until morning and the pain kicks in again.

Get out as much as you can, at least you'll know why your aching and be able to say to yourself "well it was well worth it".



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