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Love the garden centres where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Not so!

While browsing with my hubby a very well dressed refined lady accidentally bumped into me with the result that I apologised to her.

She looked me up and down and continued to push me aside until I almost lost my footing. I could have lost my cool but I didn't want anything to spoil my day as for the first time in ages my pain was at a low level.

Wouldn't mind but her and her friend went onto buy loads of second hand clothes.

Nothing wrong with that as I am the charity shop queen, but don't look down on others and pretend to be something else.

Hyacinth Bucket comes to mind.🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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  • Yes some people are rather uppity! You are much nicer then me! I would have strolled over and looked at the clothes they were looking at and said in a very nice tone "oh these just will not do!" Then walked off! Even if I thought the clothes were great! I love second hand stuff. I was talking to my oldest grandson and told him I needed to clean out my closet! Yep my sissy has good taste and just gave me bags of clothes!

  • That lady who was rude to you has a big problem, ignorance is definitely not bliss

  • She was a disrespectful .......blah blah. People like that have no compassion for others they are very selfish indeed and they annoy me to the bone(if you know what i mean)

    You did well not to say anything, at least you have got respect and dignity. forget about it, remember the saying {what goes ariund comes around}

    Enjoy your day,

    Soft hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxx

  • Thank you all (one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch of girls). as the Jackson 5 would say🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  • ah buckets hmmm nasty crop of flowers to put in buckets lol poor you !


  • I would have said "Excuse me, I'm so sorry if I'm in your way, I'll just lie down while you walk all over me shall I?" I'm getting worse at just saying what I'm thinking lately...

    I was shoved out of the way at the queue at Morrisons cafe the other day as two elderly couples shoved past to get to the till, I was evidently moving too slow for them... I said "Well I'm so sorry if I'm not moving at 100 miles per hour, do you have somewhere you have to be?" My daughter hurried off. They went very red but ignored me. The lady behind was howling with laughter. I hate rudeness. I'm in my 40s, towered over them and if I'd done that to them they would have been up in arms. (All I was doing was peering at the coffee machine and working out which coffee to get.)


  • I too am finding it harder not to say what is on my mind. I swear there are times I think something then hear it coming out of my mouth with no intention of really saying it. It's like I no longer have a filter between thought and action! Believe or not I did mention this to my neurologist. He said it was because the nerves in the cognitive part of my brain are miss firing. There are parts of that portion of my brain that are gray matter and the rest is firing multiple times to try and make up for it.

  • I too have no filter anymore, never rude just a way with words xx

  • You made me laugh and reminded me of how my mum would have dealt with situations like that. I know your only in your 40s but she made me laugh so much by her reactions.

    I'm 61 and wish I had her strength of character sometimes. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Turned 50 in May and lost my filter somewhere or maybe I just never had one can't remember??!!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡

  • You had me in stitches! What is it about some elderly people that makes them think it is acceptable to be rude because of their age. We will be going to a theatre soon and I still shudder at memories of the last time! It was a matinee with cheap tickets for over 60s so average ( not me quite yet!) age was 75+. At the end trying to get out made a rugby scrum seem tame! Push, shove and then we headed for the lift where everyone was duly shoved out of the way by an extremely large woman who just had to get in first. More push shove to get in just in case the lift disappeared into an abyss. I was shaking when I got out of the lift so hubby had to take me for a calming cup of tea before we got the train.

    Oh yes; forgot about the delightful gentleman pushing a wheelchair who would happily have run me over in the scrum to get into the auditorium before the performance.

    I will have to devise a strategy for next time....

  • That reminds me of a recent cruise my daughter and I went on. It was a large ship so there were a lot of decks to go up and down to the restaurant. But there was a lot of pushing and shoving to get in the lifts and it amazed me when those who pushed and shoved and claimed they really had to use the lift (sometimes just up one deck) and then ran into the restaurant or ashore when the gangplank was lowered. Hilarious. There was a free chocolate tasting one afternoon and the stampede was funny to watch... Daughter said "You'd think they were going to run out of food." I have no idea why some people are so impatient - particularly on holiday...

  • Bet they weren't as quick as a load of teachers heading for the free sandwiches at a teacher training day...πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Oh, DEAR! I would have let the extremely large woman have the elevator to herself, fearing that the *weight stressed box* would have us all PLUNGING to our death (on the what? ... one floor ride down?!) Can you tell I'm claustrophobic AND hate lifts/elevators!?!

    You all are too funny ... But yes, as I get a little older, I think I've earned the right to speak my mind, whatever my mind thinks! (And like you, Regno, I don't always have control over it! ~ but in my case, it's probably more a matter of not really caring ... !)

  • Grhh I just did a big post and then it went into the hemisphere or wherever lost posts go.

    I worked with the elderly for years and really enjoyed my job and many are adorable but alot use the excuse of their age to be rude thinking that it somehow licences them to do as they please. I reckon they sharpen their elbows ready to fight to get on the bus first.

    Poor OH had to take his very seriously ill brother to the hospital on friday for a scan. The elderly lady opposite whinged for England to my husband who had to wait outside for him when brother in law went in first. OH is a gentle giant so never said anything which I was angry about when he was recounting the tale on his return. I asked why he said nothing and he said it was best to let rude people get on with it. I disagree as I reckon that has been allowed from birth and they think it is their right to be first in everything. if they had been taught manners and what was right and wrong as far as behaviour was concerned from an early age this would not happen. Unfortunately, with the elderly (unlike children) they are not going to grow out of it. May I say I am 60+. She went in next and was out in 5 minutes flat, poor brother in law was still there two and a half hours later.

    It is like when people whinge at waiting 5 minutes over their appointment time at the doctors. I never mind as I always think to myself it could be me needing those extra 5 minutes and that could be the difference between having something diagnosed and treated in time or being rushed out and someone ending up dead.

    Wow that felt good to get off my chest.x

  • Yes - agree with what you said about doc's appointments. I don't mind at all. In fact, I think the allotted 'ten minutes' is too short. I've sometimes had to go over my time as the doc has gone over my test results - I've insisted on it and I insist now that they explain what the latest tablets they're putting me on are and their side effects etc. Although sometimes I'm in and out... So I never mind waiting.

  • I see I'm not alone hee hee x

  • Definately not. Joanna Lumley was in the paper today and said she gets easily upset about things now and hates bad manners etc, etc and would get on more crusades if she had the time.x

  • I don't suffer fools gladly, I never have, I was paying at my local slimming club a few years ago and my fingers were not cooperating, I was getting in a right fluster and panicking. There was a long queue of ladies behind me, we're all familiar with each other as its a small population of about 6000 where we live. This woman (with a fierce reputation for being scary and aggressive) stuck her neck out and said ' aww come on! Hurry up!'

    I turned round and shouted 'oh **** Off Margaret!'

    It's totally out of character for me to swear at someone but she did shut up. She still says hello to me but I was mortified at myself... Cringe!

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that but I think that you did so well not to react at all, as I would not have been able to help myself. I really have enjoyed reading this thread as it all turned quite funny down the post replies.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I don't know about her being a 'refined lady'!

    I think she is a hag and you are the lady!

    Well done for keeping your cool, your momma brought you up well.

    Here's hoping you have many more low pain days to enjoy xxx

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